Electronics System Wrap-up, Bug Fixes, and OOO

I think I've got the electronics stuff working now. I made a few more changes this morning which make sure items discharge correctly over time as turns pass, and my night vision bonus correctly disappeared once the batteries were dry.

Once that was working, I moved on to the weapons, to verify that those continued to work. Most were ok, though I realized that I forgot to setup thrown objects and retrievable missiles. After some changes, and making sure the thrown object didn't change attack modes on the player, I had a few rounds of throwing pebbles at angry dogmen, and wrapped that up as well. It's not perfect, as it's possible to retrieve the same missile just thrown/fired if one is out of melee range. However, one must sacrifice their attack and special move options to do so, so I think that's a reasonable compromise for now.

In an ideal world, arrows would stick in opponents and such. However, that'd require some significant system changes, so I decided to focus on higher priorities for now.

After that, I decided to tackle some bugs and details that have been on the wayside these past few days. Several recipes needed minor tweaks, to ensure things like sleeping bags won't work as kindling in a quality torch, and preventing rivers and lakes from being destroyed by boiling them.

The 2x and 3x boiling water and boiling rag recipes are back, too. I took them out originally, since the new crafting times meant one could boil more water per turn than before. However, many of you pointed out that it was still a pain to do in the real life, UI sense, so I re-added those options. However, those recipes require medium or larger containers to boil in. A tin can isn't going to cut it :)

I also tried to find some ways of improving the crafting process, based on some player suggestions. One big change is that quick recipes will no longer empty out the ingredients box when clicked. I also changed the recipe validation to prefer those already chosen ingredients in the recipe.

The net result is that one could load up the ingredients box their preferred ingredients, and the quick recipe will try to use those first. And leftovers can be quickly used again in the next iteration.

Finally, I changed the battle code to use the new hex starting ranges, which correspond to new weapon ranges. Now, starting battle in a field means the opponents are far apart, while battles in crowded terrain start closer together. Retreat mechanics might need tweaking in this new system, as it tends to be easier to avoid/escape fights now. Though, maybe that's a good change.

Overall, it seems like today was a pretty productive day. The work was scattered, but all of it necessary.

Just as a heads-up, I'll be traveling tomorrow and Friday, so internet access will be spotty. I expect to get some work done, but I probably won't update the news section until Monday. I'm thinking the laptop is going to be a pain during the flight, so I might stick to notepad-based work, like plot writing/planning.

I hope everyone has a good rest of week and weekend. And I'll see you Monday! (I'll still try to check email in the meantime, in case any crises arise).


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You're doing a fantastic job, really. You bust your ass on this game and developing the code! From how much you explain everything, it sounds very very difficult and I'm sure we all appreciate how much you recognize our opinions. :)

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Agreed, definitely appreciate the good work, Dan.

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Thanks for the encouragement, guys! I'm finally not driving/flying for a change, so let's see what I can do on this old laptop today :)

Dan Fedor - Founder, Blue Bottle Games