forming the pack

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forming the pack

It is,the true story of a dogman i had been stalking...for the past couple of days.

The wolf was very,very hungry,so desperate,alone.
did it know i was following it? hungry to notice.
it found a body,luckily it wasn't alive...he had been in a fight with a bandit,got a arm full of rifle rounds.
can't keep doing this...not alone.
went north...went back home.
formed a pack of 2,soon 3,then 4.
still stalking...watching it's moves.
got back in shape,not hungry anymore.
made a den in a cabin...or not.
left for 2 days,went back,slept there for 2 turns.

update 1

doesn't know i'm following it.
stopped at a different cabin,pack up by one.
pack of 5,slept at cabin.
went out,migrating perhaps?
ran into some raiders,2-3,lost 1 pack member.
pack of 4.
new den.
went out,killed,ate food

update 2(final update)

it saw me,in the blink of an eye it had pushed me to the ground,breaking all my limbs,i could only watch as it killed me,it left me there to die.
But i had a sudden rush of energy,I pulled it to the ground,stabbed it with my multi-tool,got out my gun and blasted its brain out.
As I laid on the mutilated body of *I better get out of here before it comes back* I had forgot it had friends.