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Rework Rivers

It would be nice if rivers and lakes were not just single hexes, but spanned over many hexes like real waterways. They could be impossible to cross without a raft or finding a shallow area. Similar code could be used for roads- generating towns as nodes, than having roads connect them.

This could also pave the way for rafts & canoes to be useful, as well as making islands a safe place to put your stuff, assuming nobody steals your canoe.

Both rivers and roads would be good places to meet traders, and non-DMC agricultural villages could also be located along them(very dangerous unless you can afford to bribe your way in or get a trader from the town to let you in(maybe a whole plot where you get them something from the DMC, or help them smuggle a child into the city or something)

Great idea. Roads would make your traveling moves per turn better/more. Same for rivers w/canoes and the like.

Another thing about river water is that isn't running water generally safer to drink than lake or swamp water? It's not pure by any means but its nominally safer than stagnant water.

That integration into the game (spanning rivers over many hexes) would be just plain unrealistic, with our current setting. Cities are now only one hex, and adding multi-hex environments would make things much more difficult for Dan. A single hex already covers a vast space, somewhere around a couple miles. As these towns and cities that show up are about the size of a small town, having a lake or river that large just seems like it wouldn't work out.

The other ideas like trading spots on rivers, like a dock, would actually seem cool. It would have meats and other small items, and villages could have at least one object of interest (like a gun some enclaver found). Roads go the same, as the world that is generated each time is random, having a system that plots generated roads which have spots to scavenge along them would again, take a ton of work.

The new encounters are already planned and are supposed to be coming soon, but right now I think Dan is trying to show the world the magnificent game he has created. These are good ideas though, and I am sure that they won't be passed up.

Yes, rivers over several hexes are totally unrealistic...

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They are unrealistic, same as roads, because each hex is a terrain of several square kilometers. Hexes represent more of a general, dominant terrain type and not a direct features. List of items to loot is more "what of interest there is exactly".

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By your logic rivers should work though, the dominant terrain type along a major river would be the river itself, even if the entire area isn't filled by it. If you have a 5 or so kilometer square of land and there's a half a kilometer wide river right in the middle of it a survivor is still going to focus on the river rather than the forest or open fields next to it, especially if something like fishing is added. Roads don't make as much sense to have their own tile since A: they don't have any special resources (except maybe broken down/looted cars) and B: The bonus of being on a road would be mitigated by the lack of any maintenance on the roads for many years.

Something as big as half-kilometer wide river barely fits into "random generated terrain" category. I was talking about smaller rivers and streams, things that can be randomized without breaking the general immersion of being in a real place.

The great waterways, if to be implemented, will be better as pre-placed tiles, just as megacity and sea tiles now.

Also, for fishing to fit current mechanics, rivers still need to have "river" scavenging places to be used with a fishing pole (like woods and squirrel trap) or "river" items to be crafted (like it is now with river and water droplets).

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Even a half overgrown road with a lot of holes is still better than complete wilderness, especially with shopping carts.

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Still I don't think roads or small rivers deserve whole tiles, maybe just lines that go over tiles, or just having a label on the tile saying there's a road or a river. If major tile sized rivers are introduced boats might be a neat thing to add btw.