Hooking Up Ranged Weapons

Today was largely about hooking up the items mentioned in yesterday's art update. Each sprite I drew had to be cropped, saved as image files, and in some cases, modified to fit areas like worn/held on the body, or as an attack mode UI item. Then, the data had to be entered for each item, including ammo types. Plus, ingredients, recipes, and treasure data for items that could be assembled or broken. And, of course, the attack modes that each grants.

So lot's of data entry today :)

I did finally decide to add a craftable bow to the game, after learning about "greenwood" bows (or "quickie" bows). The idea behind a greenwood bow is that one could fashion a suitable length of branch or sapling into a bow without the days of shaping, molding, and treating wood. Most of the work is in shaving material from the bow's "belly" until it bends evenly, and then stringing it up.

The up-side is that an experienced bowyer can fashion one of these bows using naught but a knife and forest materials in a matter of an hour or two. The down side? Greenwood dries out in a matter of days, and then cracks, becoming useless as a bow. So, it'll serve in a pinch, but it isn't something that'll last.

Here's the greenwood bow art, alongside the other primitive missile weapons:

IMAGE(http://www.bluebottlegames.com/img/screenshots/screenshot-2013-06-12.png) New primitive missile weapons.

While hooking up the arrows and stones, it occurred to me that several of these items are also serviceable melee weapons. The stone can certainly be used to smash someone's face, as well as be thrown or hurled with a sling. The arrows can poke a person pretty good, too. So I set about making corresponding attack modes for each of those items.

And, of course, the pistols can be used to pistol-whip an opponent, like the rifles allow for rifle-butting.

Overall, it turned out to be quite a batch! We've now got several modern and primitive ranged weapons, a few new melee options, and in some cases, even new tools. The arrows in particular can be used as a sharp edge or sharp point in recipes that need them, and the sling doubles as a medium strap.

There's definitely more that could be added in the weapons department, but I'd like to wrap this batch up so I can flesh out some other areas that need it. It might be nice to add some more tools, clothes, food items, and other things (both manufactured and crafted), so the game isn't too combat-heavy.

Still plenty to do!

Hope everyone has a good night, and see you tomorrow!


asthepanda2iscool's picture

more clothes and food items would be nice(sick of eating soup,a little ironic sense that's what i eat all the time in real life).