[v0.971b] River resource used up when boiling dirty rags

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[v0.971b] River resource used up when boiling dirty rags

I was boiling up some dirty rags on a forest/river hex with a tiny campfire and a tin can when I stumbled across using the river itself (instead of just the water drops) to boil it. I went through with it, and the river resource disappeared in the process. Switching windows and reentering the hex didn't restore it.

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Interesting! I hadn't thought of that possibility. I should probably adjust the boiling recipes to reject items with the "infinite" property, so they can't be destroyed accidentally like this. Thanks for the heads-up!

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Wouldn't it be better to, instead of rejecting infinite items, to allow them to be actually used ad infinitum? That would also take care of general questionably silly thing of having to actually craft resource source before you can get it's resources (in current example, processing river to get a few portions of water).

It could be done, but I'm not sure if it should.

On one hand, changing the crafting system to treat "infinite" ingredients specially means we can boil the river directly, saving the user several UI clicks to boil water. Generally, less UI effort is desirable.

However, part of me wonders whether streamlining runs contrary to what players like about NEO Scavenger. For example, it would be more convenient if wounds were automatically bandaged after a fight, but I think most players like that it's a manual process. Ditto for putting ammo into the rifle, or needing small parts and tools to affix a scope to a rifle.

That's fairly tedious stuff to do, but if the game didn't have it, I think some folks would miss it.

The other question I have is whether we could actually do away with crafting a resource to get its contents. In cases where the player wants the resource, but doesn't plan to use it right away, what would they do? Quite often, I prefer to camp in a building, so I ferry water and firewood from nearby hexes to work with at camp. If we do away with the crafting of resources like lakes and forests, how would one obtain those resources for transit?

It's possible that I'm wrong, of course. Or maybe the solution is to allow boiling rivers directly, while keeping the ability to craft a resource for its items. I.e. a mix of both approaches.

I'm open to suggestions!

Dan Fedor - Founder, Blue Bottle Games

I'm partial to the mix of both approaches, personally.

I'm all up for both. Though boiling from the river directly should use up less time, since you're pulling out at max, 3 water droplets, as opposed to around 6.

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