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I slowly made my way across the desolate remains of the scattered cities on my way to a new hope in the distance. A glow of hope shining through the dark. I made it to the city to find that this new world I have woken up in has left me behind. I can't get in. But there is still hope. I met a man called the hatter who decides to help me out, Lord only knows why. He has an offer I can't refuse, go find a particular item and get entry to the city. sounds good.I slowly make my way to the lake. I'm running out of food and I'm so weary, but every time I stop the people of this new world attack me then try to run off. I make it to the lake house and go inside. all hope is lost. the sites I saw in here are to horrible for words. there's no way to make it in this world. My world is gone and there is no hope. I'll never make it back to the hatter. I might as well end it here. I take the mask off another hopeless man who undoubtedly is as lost as I am. Well he was, looks like he found a way. I end it here as I walk out into the horrible new world my mask grows tighter and tighter. wait! I change my mind! I want to live! WHY WONT THIS MASK COME OFF?!? NO!!!!

"Whatever you do, work at it with all your heart, as working for the Lord, not for men" Colossians 3:23