It's Time

Well, with the new crafting system and property-based encounters up and running, it's finally safe to start adding new content. And that means items, recipes, and encounters.

I decided to have a little fun today, and started on a few overdue items and recipes:

IMAGE( "101 Things with Strings!"

Many folks have asked for ways to sling a crowbar over the shoulder, or wear binoculars around their necks, so those were some of the first to be added. In fact, even scopes will soon be wearable around the neck. And keen observers will notice that the binoculars can now be disassembled into halves (plus parts). These binocular halves can substitute for scopes, both in the strapped scope and scoped rifle recipes. I may adjust them in the future so that they require some mechanical work to be usable as a rifle scope, but for now, it's good enough.

The large-ish bundle of string is used in many of these recipes, and is basically several small strings combined.

And on the left, you can see several of the new vehicle-related items. The shopping cart can now be disassembled (or fall apart), and the parts can be used with appropriate tools and mechanic skill to rebuild a new cart. Mechanically-inclined scavengers can now also jury-rig a box cart from a frame, wheels, boxes, and various parts. And lastly, a new vehicle will soon be in the game: the plastic sled!

I also added a way to create fire without a lighter. Many folks mentioned that a skilled person should be able to create fire using the friction method, so now, using the trapping skill and two branch-like objects, one can ignite kindling.

All of this has yet to be tested, of course. I just cobbled all the art and data together today. Inevitably, there will be typos and gotchas in the recipes and items, so it might take a bit of fixing. However, it was a pretty good day!

I'll probably do another batch like this in the next few days as well. There are certainly plenty of items yet to be added!

Hope everyone has a good night!


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Sweet! I just dived into the game again recently after a short break, and I'm loving the previous changes so far. Varying turn cost on crafting is amazing, and being able to use squirrel fur or backpacks as kindling, should you so desire, is awesome. And new mechanical recipes sounds grand, mechanics and electronics have always gotten the short end of the stick when compared to for example trapping. I've, as said, attacked the game with renewed vigor and already had a blast. My last scavenger got killed by nothing less than a pack of 3 dogmen, one of which I managed to shoot dead in its tracks and the other two mortally wound. And I apolegize for just dropping my recent experiences here, but it felt a little more overcome-able than making a new forum-post. Me and a friend had a long talk yesterday about the game while playing, its so intresting how differntly people can approach it. He for instance rarely used fire, but often picked Metabolism and simply used water purification pills, were as I view the lighter as a divine instrument and a giver of life. I (we) were wondering, could you perhaps mirror one of the boots so one could visually know the differnce? We're both a bit obsessive compulsive in that matter, but ofcourse should the right boot go on the right foot. We also talked about how hilarious it'd be if you could kill yourself off by equipping a plastic bag on the head. Another thing we discussed, although it seems like a pretty annoying norm in most RPG's, were Dual Wielding. Doing it for the sake of doing it seemed silly, but after thinking about it I actually found it to be an intresting idea. It'd obviously provide you with more opportunity to hit opponents in combat, but the commitment of both hands is what is intresting. I can obviously only talk for my self, but I mostly carry a backpack on my back, and a second one in my hand. Choosing to dualwield would force you to give up the 2nd slot in favor of a 2nd weapon. But there'd obviously have to be some sort of mechanical safeguard to keep the player from simply dropping his backpack in combat in favor of a weapon. But prehaps loosing the additional loot, should a retreat be forced, would be motivation enough to not simply doing it constantly.

Anyhow, loving Neo Scavenger. Kuranes.

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This is great, can't wait to see what else is coming up!

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Nice! Thank you! Rooting for your game, having a good time since I bought it!

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Wow! NEO Scavenger is just getting more and more fun as time goes on. I really hope that it makes it to Steam and that you can make a profit on it. :)

--A loyal scavenger,

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Thanks guys! Glad to hear you think NEO Scavenger's moving in the right direction! I'm hoping it becomes profitable some day too. I'd like to keep making games like this, so it'd help pay the bills while I do!

Re: left and right boots, they used to only work on one foot each. The more I thought about it, though, the more I realized that scavengers wouldn't be that picky. They'd put on any shoe that was an improvement over barefoot :)

Dual wielding was possible way back in the early versions. The trouble I ran into was in certain combinations of weapons. Players with a rifle and meat cleaver were able to use both at the rifle's range, and the attack was cumulative across both weapons. It was pretty unrealistic.

So I created the "attack mode" system, which basically assigns attack modes to each weapon. Then, in combat, the player chooses which mode they're attacking with, so the game knows how to treat range/etc.

It's possible to re-implement dual-wielding, but it'd probably take some clever reworking to make it play nice with attack modes. The game would need to know when the player had valid combos of weapons equipped simultaneously (which is tricky), and then present them with either a new attack mode (wrench plus cleaver dual) or special move (wrench plus cleaver combo swing). As you can probably see, that'd mean at least one new attack mode or special move per valid combo, and as more weapons are added to the game (e.g. shiv, steak knife, hatchet, switchblade, etc.) that number of combos grows exponentially.

So it's doable, but probably a bigger feature than it seems.

That said, it is possible to hold two different weapons and use them both in battle. One could switch attack modes each turn, effectively alternating strikes between two different weapon types. Or, have a ranged weapon in one hand, and melee in the other, and use either as range permits. It doesn't allow a double attack, but the current flurry/blast away moves are pretty close.

Anyway, it's an interesting idea, and one I originally wanted. It just would need some more work to make sense. And for now, the top priority is more content.

Dan Fedor - Founder, Blue Bottle Games

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Sounds reasonable. I hadn't the faintest idea how much work were behind it. I just figured there'd be an intresting trade-off in choosing your offhand. As for new melee weapons I do hope you keep them varied and pratical as well. I think the current weapon range has a nice variety, with some having various uses as tools for scavenging, butchering or cooking.. although the wrench is a bit of a black sheep in my book.