New Beta and Demo Builds: Crafting Overhaul, Random Skills, and Item Identification

I've just finished uploading new beta build 0.971b and demo build 0.971d. These builds include the new property-based crafting system, random skill selection, item identification, and several other fixes.

Updates to both the Beta and Demo

Both the beta and demo builds include the following changes:

  • Added multiple pages to crafting output, so player can choose intended outcome.
  • Added random skill/trait button on skill select page.
  • Added ability to scroll map using right-click (rubber-band-style).
  • Added ability to auto-identify items with appropriate skills/conditions (instead of crafting).
  • Added highlight to items on crafting page that are currently equipped/contain items.
  • Added ability to destroy ingredients on certain recipes.
  • Added ability to transfer ingredients' components to crafted output, rather than ingredients.
  • Added code to change label of crafting yield to reflect the item(s) being crafted if "Confirm" is pressed.
  • Added ability for encounters to support item and/or ingredients as input.
  • Added code to reduce durability of crafted output based on consumed input items.
  • Added code to degrade components within objects, so they degrade concurrently with parent.
  • Fixed a bug that caused meat to be a valid ingredient for rough splints.
  • Fixed a bug that caused newspaper to be unusable in recipes (Item.clone ignored properties).
  • Fixed a bug that prevented roasting meat on a stick.
  • Fixed recipe to stoke small fire into medium fire.
  • Fixed torch recipes to degrade into just handle.
  • Fixed item degrading so that it adds new conditions before removing old ones, to avoid campfire degrading blindness.
  • Fixed bug that prevented space from working as hotkey in crafting.
  • Fixed a bug that caused encounters to remove too few items when in stacks.
  • Fixed several stacking bugs caused by StackItem. Dropping parts onto stack in can in jeans pocket, arranging part stacks on ground, etc.
  • Fixed bug in quick recipes that caused some ingredients to be missing.
  • Fixed bug in recipes that allowed non-solid objects to be used as small/medium flexible ingredients.
  • Fixed a bug in the treasure generation code which produced extra loot.
  • Changed crafting system to use item properties as ingredients, instead of specific item names.
  • Changed crafting to deduct turns based on recipe, instead of always 1.0 turns.
  • Changed prescription pills to require medic skill for ID, and use real generic drug names.
  • Changed items to have lower monetary value when unidentified.
  • Changed unlit torch recipes to require unlit kindling, not just kindling.
  • Changed sleeping pill contents to be unidentified.
  • Changed squirrel pelt to small animal pelt, squirrel meat to small chunk of meat, squirrel pelt glove/tunic to patchwork fur glove/tunic.

The biggest change will be familiar to those beta users who had early access to the 0.970t test build: the new crafting system.

IMAGE( New Crafting System - based on item properties, and with caution highlighting.

In this new system, the recipes will accept any item that fulfills requirements, not just the ones I've specified by name. So if you're trying to make a torch, you can use more than just a stick and a dirty rag. Crowbars and wrenches will suffice for the handle, and any flexible, flammable sheet will work as a torch head. Similarly, fire can be kindled with plastic bags, paper, and even clothes, so you don't have to rely solely on twigs anymore.

Furthermore, the crafting UI will show you each possible outcome for your ingredients at the same time, and they can be seen using the arrow buttons above the yield box (similar to switching pages in the ingredients or quick recipe area). This way, ingredients with multiple outputs can be controlled by the player.

Another big difference is that items like berries, mushrooms, and pills are automatically identified by players with appropriate skills. Otherwise, they use generic names. No more crafting required to identify most objects.

Finally, the crafting system now has different crafting times for each recipe, so most crafting attempts should take less than one full move now.

Also, the skills page now has a "Random" button, which lets the game choose your starting skills and traits randomly.

Changes to the Beta

In addition to the above updates, the beta has the following changes:

  • Changed isotope mine shaft encounter to be abandoned and resumed at each stage of exploration.
  • Changed isotope mine shaft encounter to be closed after ladder breaks.
  • Fixed a bug causing camp conditions to be stuck on player after save/load.
  • Fixed several encounters that caused player to lose shoes and other items repeatedly instead of just once.
  • Fixed isotope mine optical zoom option to use any item with zoom.
  • Fixed bug that prevented lighter from being a valid response in isotope mine shaft.
  • Removed gelli bear reward from old lady encounter.

Most of these are fixes to encounters that should improve their flow and logic. There's also one bug fix which might solve issues with acid rain/heat stroke bugs after loading a saved game.

As always, if there are any issues that arise with the new builds, let me know on the forums. I'll do my best to fix bugs as they are discovered.

Hope you enjoy the new builds!