More Crafting, and Encounter Work

Sorry for the late update today. We had a couple power outages, and the latest one was just in time for my usual news post! I'm starting to think it's time to get an uninterruptible power supply. It won't help me work while the power's out, but all these sudden spikes/outages can't be good for the hardware. Being able to gracefully shut down (and save work!) will hopefully make things smoother. The joys of living in the woods!

Today's work was a continuation of yesterday's crafting system fixes/updates. I think I've got most of that squared away now. I ended up adding the ability to destroy certain ingredients upon crafting, so things like torches can't be disassembled into a handle and cloth again after being set on fire. Now, crafting the lit torch will destroy the cloth, but leave the handle.

Related to this change, I made it possible for a recipe to transfer components from an ingredient to the yielded object. Before this change, a torch would degrade back into an unlit torch, complete with cloth/kindling. After this change, a lit torch would degrade into whatever handle the unlit torch was made from, and the cloth/kindling would be gone.

These two changes should make the crafting system a bit more versatile and realistic.

I also took some players' advice, and changed the crafting item bracket overlays into solid, colored tints. I think they were right that the brackets might be hard to discern in crowded item groupings, so the solid tint/overlay should be easier to make out. I chose a caution-ish yellow color, to differentiate it from the red/blue in moving items around. I also left a 1-pixel border around each, so adjoining objects have seams between them. Hopefully, this helps!

The rest of the day was spent fixing and updating some old encounters. There were a few bugs that players had noticed, and some new ones caused by crafting changes as well.

One such bug was causing players to perpetually lose items when loading their games. A player would trip on a jagged object in an encounter, lose their shoe, and every future game load, that same foot would lose any new shoe put on it. This was actually a bug for several similar situations, so I'm glad you guys found that one.

I also made some changes to the isotope mine, in part to fix some bugs, and in other cases to make one chain of events possible to walk away from and come back to later.

And apart from the above, I also spent a good hour or so doing a bug "triage." Basically, I had notes in a few places with bug info, and I consolidated all those into my main spreadsheet, reviewed each one for validity, and re-rated their severity/risk, so I could focus on most important issues first. It's never something I look forward to, but finishing it always feels good.

Tomorrow, there's one encounter bug left that I want to fix, and then I'll probably playtest a bit to see if all the most recent fixes and changes are stable. Providing they are, that might be a good time to make 0.970t into an official 0.970b and 0.970d, so folks have a stable build to play while the next batch of content is worked on.

See you tomorrow!


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Enjoying that lovely Michigan weather eh?

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I'm actually up in BC, Canada. Here, when the power goes out, it's likely:

  • A tree fell on a power line.
  • Someone took the corner at the base of the mountain too fast, and hit the telephone pole.

Judging by the number of outages we have, there are lots of trees and drivers, I guess :)

Dan Fedor - Founder, Blue Bottle Games

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That's why I don't use the public electrical grid. ;) Also, I think that it's great that you are keeping in touch with the NEO Scavenger community so regularly. You, my friend, know how to design a game!

--A loyal scavenger,

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If NEO Scavenger ever takes off, buying/fitting a house "off the grid" is something I'd be sorely tempted to do. More incentive to work hard :)

And thanks for the kind words! PR isn't one of my strong suits, so having a regular news post is one way to keep folks aware of the goings-on here. Plus, it makes a great sounding board for vetting new ideas!

Dan Fedor - Founder, Blue Bottle Games