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Here's a mockup of what it could look like (embedding doesn't seem to work, unfortunately): idea is basically a way for Tracking to generate food and resources like Trapping and Botany do, as at the moment Tracking is a bit passive. Deer are non lethal mobs that randomly spawn. Only those with the Tracking skill will see their trails, and they'll vanish if anyone (player or enemy) gets within 1 or 2 hexes. The idea is to see a track and use increased vision options to move to an overlooking position and shoot it. This means people without tracking could still do it, but they'd have to be incredibly lucky and certainly couldn't do it often enough to survive solely on deer. Outline and hypothetical downsides:

  • SP rounds kill, FMJ rounds wound (unless boosted by Ranged skill/scopes). Wounded deer don't disappear and will leave red trails visible to anyone (including enemies). You'll have to run them down and finish them off/wait for them to bleed out.
  • Generates Deer Carcass item in the kill hex which can be combined with the Multitool/Cleaver to generate deer meat and skins similar to Squirrels. Deer meat is plentiful, nourishing, but encumbering and bulky.
  • Requires bullets. (and a gun... you can't throw them).
  • Gunshots may attract human enemies.
  • Skinning may attract Dogmen/Bears. (Oh yeah, You should totally include Bears, possibly Bearmen. (Distinct from Baremen. Although judging from the lack of clothes on some dead Looters those exist already)).
  • Rare, and incredibly hard to find without tracking.
  • Prefer blindspots behind other built up hexes, makes getting a shot difficult.

Possible addition: outside chance to be taken prisoner and forced to play Russian Roulette with Christopher Walken.


An addition if I may:Maybe if combined with hiding, one could sneak up on the deer easier.

Ketchup Packet Hoarder

A fine idea. I can't quite picture someone sneaking up on a deer and clubbing it. Perhaps it could be combined with short range Hiding skill weapons yet to be added, spears or slings or something. Short range, so 1 hex away, but not hand to hand. Sorry, hand to hoof.


This is a pretty intersting idea. It does depend on the exact scale of a hex though, I wonder if the illustrious dcfedor could enlighten us?If the hex scale is as large as I think it is (i.e. big enough to fit a whole town on it), then it may make a lot more sense to add it to the existing scavenge interface. Like how you already have to combine lockpicking with lockpicks to actually make them work, you could have to combine tracking with a gun to get a chance of hunting down a deer. Just a thought.


Judging from vision ranges I didn't think they were all that big, and you can already shoot baddies from 1-2 hexes away. Although all variety is welcome I can't help but think that doing it in the inventory or encounter screen is just too similar to botany or trapping. This way makes use of the pre-existing hex tracking system to add something new.


Hiding to sneak up and "assassinate" the deer, or Athletics to run down the deer (do a search on "persistance hunting" it's amazing what human beings are capable of).  Perhaps there could be Hunting and Fishing skills added (though a bow or spears would be nice to help along Hunting).


Almost two years ago, man were we ever so young.

Glad to see deer are now a thing, I still think the distinct footprint in tracking has merit though. Any tracker worth his salt should be able to tell the difference between a deer and a man (and a wolfman). Also, it might be nice to tell more about an enemy from their tracks, if they're limping for example, pushing a cart or carrying a heavy load. This would really add something to the tracking skill.

Heh, Bearmen. I forgot about that. Good one, 2012 me.