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Stray dogs could be encountered in urban areas as fightable creatures when scavenging. If the player has meat in his inventory and hasn't harmed the dog yet, a special taming "attack" becomes available. Tamed dogs appear as a silhouette next to the player in items screen and player condition screen. If this isn't possible they could be just an item.

- lose condition over time.
- are available for crafting, combining them with meat increases their condition.
- can also be "combined" with a weapon to create food.
- drop a corpse on death that can be crafted into meat and pelt.
- can carry a single item up to the size of a tree branch in their mouth.
- can wear a collar (X% chance of having one when tamed, can be also be found or crafted with rags or skin + duct tape).
- increase the number of moves at night when using a leash or rifle sling, the leash/sling must be in one of the player's hands and the dog must wear a collar.
- can help in fights and increase the threat level, but can also be targeted by enemies; dogmen however only attack the player.
- are weaker than the player and die faster, so having a dog doesn't give a too big advantage in fights.
- can be injured as well as bandaged (probably the most difficult part to implement)
- can be used as scavenging tools. When scavenging they increase "Loot" (because in buildings they can smell food or items recently used by humans; in the wilderness they can hunt animals) and "Safety" (they can recover items from dangerous places more easily), but decrease "Sneak" (they tend to bark happily if they find something).
- are typically in a bad shape after taming, and have to be nursed back to health, thus having a low condition.
- increase the alertness level of a camp by 50% (less if their condition is under 50%), alertness due to noise traps is capped at 50%.
- provide a feeling of safety which helps a bit against insomnia.
- are your best friends.

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I would actually love to see something such as a companion in-game. Even if dogs were the only type of such companion, just having that sense of security and comfort which an ally provides is nice. Maybe there could be two different breeds? One for scavenging and one for fighting? I really like you idea Malacodor


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maybe you could give it a small back pack so you can store more things on it.


What do you think this is? Call of Duty for the XBOX One? XP


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The idea that you can tame a dog by giving it food and having it be tamed because you fed it that one time is extremely far fetched... also its only trained dogs that can actually smell anything out, anything that is air tight/tinned a dog wouldnt be able to smell out so they are useless for helping in the scenario of scavenging. I dont understand the need to have an animal companion in survival games (even though its just my opinion)

if you read the book I am Legend (not the terrible movie with will smith) the book has many similarities to this game - the main character comes a cross a dog that follows him for a while but ultimately nothing happens between the two and the dog f*cks off... I can never understand why people like the mechanics that a dog brings to a game when its clearly just and extension of the player - or that of a mystical mindmeld with an animal.

having said that if dogs did turn up in the game ... bandits should be able to have tamed dogs also. there should be a quest location for horrible dog fighting out somewhere where you can either stop or compete in those acts ect.

(dayz is also another survival game that feels the need to have dog companions... it just doesnt work in my head though :S)

Of course the dog has to be fed regularly. A very hungry dog could even attack the player (or just steal some food while he sleeps). Taming could also be a more complex encounter with several multiple-choice decisions.

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