Putting rags on bruises?

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Putting rags on bruises?

I'm aware that this seems pointless, but there really isn't anything you can do about bruising in the game right now, so I'm curious as to whether putting rags on them does anything? If not, will there ever be anything a player with the medic trait can do about bruises?

One of the most thought-of ways is putting ice on it or applying a heat pack to the bruise. If they were to add one of these items then it would be great! But as far as I know there is no way to treat bruises (confirm, I haven't been playing much)


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I think those ice packs you can find in first-aid kits would be a cool addition to the game (The ones where you squeeze to pop the inner bag, which content's mixes in with the other things in the bag to cool the temp. or something), although you should have to tie it to a limb with a rag if you're gonna move around. You should also be careful not to become too uncomfortable by it (like wrapping it in another rag).

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You are correct. There is not yet anything one can do to heal bruises faster in-game (apart from the usual tricks, like having the medic skill, resting in a comfy area, eating/drinking, using a nanorobotic kit, etc.)

From what I've read, there's little one can do to heal a bruise/contusion faster. It's basically mangled capillaries below the skin that are leaking into surrounding tissue. The body just needs time to stop that internal bleeding and rebuild the capillaries.

Ice, if I'm understanding correctly, just reduces the spread of internal blood (if applied early enough). The damage is still there, just less visible/colored. It can also prevent swelling, but the game doesn't really model swelling. Heat may actually do the opposite (make bleeding/swelling worse), but I'm not sure of that.

One exception seems to be a type of cream (mucopolysaccharide polysulfuric acid), but I'm unsure how that actually works.

Also, we're mostly talking about light bruising here. Heavy bruising is represented by things like "internal bleeding" or fractured ribs/broken limbs. In these cases, the ice effect would lessen bleeding and/or reduce swelling, but only if the wound was close enough to the surface to benefit from skin-deep cooling. Stopping bleeding here is a bigger deal, but not really something one can do topically.

Bruising/icing might still be interesting to explore some day, but there are some bigger fish I'd probably fry first. Amputation, tourniquets, cauterization (even though it's value is debatable), burn wounds, and other wounds might be bigger bang-for-buck.

But even those are more wishlist-y. I have homework to do first. Like bug-fixing and more items/recipes/encounters :)

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I have 8 years experience as a field medic in the military and this is accurate with a couple exceptions. Compression being helpful for a bruise is location dependent, if the injury is on or near a joint the compression of a well placed rag would add stability and reduce swelling which would in turn lessen pain and increase function. Heat is useful in recovery from bruising, not in the treatment immediately after.

Concerning your bigger fish.

With the setting of the game in mind, if you place an actual tourniquet on a limb to stop arterial bleeding amputation will be a necessity unless you receive competent medical help within hours. I would instead suggest a compression dressing, which can stop arterial bleeding in a lesser artery while still allowing blood flow past the dressing, which keeps oxygen flowing to tissue and keeps it from becoming necrotic.

The long and short of it is if its going to take a tourniquet you might as well just call it a mortal wound, game over roll credits.

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