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Fan art

Where do I send fan art?

Good question! Since this is my first indie game, I hadn't thought of that yet :)

You can certainly post it on the forums, if it's something you want to share with others here. You'd need to have the image hosted somewhere, and then could link it in a post. Chiko tends to post quite a bit of his art using, and,, etc. work too.

If you prefer to just send it to me, you can do that too. My twitter and email contact info is here.

Let me know if that helps, or if you had something else in mind!

Dan Fedor - Founder, Blue Bottle Games

You should totally add a gallery to this website.

I second this I want to see some fan art my self :D

Official Trained Dogman

Agreed, the Starbound team has a monthly submission posted on the main page about the current fan art etc. and that seems to go down well with everyone, so a gallery would be sweet!

С волка́ми жить, по-во́лчьи выть.

A gallery sounds like a cool idea, I'll make a note to myself to look into that when I get back from vacation. I know of two pieces that were emailed directly to me, but I also seem to remember a few being posted on these forums (and maybe elsewhere?). If you can think of any, maybe post links to them here, and I can try to contact the artists to see if they'd mind having their work on a gallery page.

Thanks for the suggestion!

Dan Fedor - Founder, Blue Bottle Games