Known Bugs as of v0.969

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Known Bugs as of v0.969

The following is a list of known bugs that have not yet been fixed in NEO Scavenger v0.969. If you're encountering a bug in the game that isn't listed here, please post about it in the forums!

Known Bugs:

  • Mac Version Won't Run - Some users have reported that the Mac version won't run, often resulting in an error message saying the file is "Damaged" or similar. This appears to be the case with certain versions of OSX and Gatekeeper. This thread discusses several solutions which seem to help.
  • Fullscreen on Linux - Using fullscreen on Linux causes the keyboard to be ignored, unless playing the game in Chrome. Unfortunately, this is because Adobe is only updating Flash for Chrome on Linux moving forward. I'll have to see if there's a workaround for downloaded versions.
  • Crafting Allows Identification Cheat - It's possible to identify berries, mushrooms, and other items without actually crafting them by using the crafting ingredients area.
  • Esc Key Exits Fullscreen - The "Esc" key will exit fullscreen. If you wish to access the main menu, "F1" will also work without exiting.
  • Crafting with Newspaper/Recipe Hints - Trying to use newspaper or recipe hints as kindling is currently broken.

Dan Fedor - Founder, Blue Bottle Games

v0.969t here.

Adding pills to a bottle is missing the quantity number.


Putting on multiple tshirts doesn't show them perfectly lined up with each other. I think in the beta you could see they were bunched up with the sleeves peeking out.


Crafting seems completely broken. Selecting a recipe, completely non-related items are placed on the combination board.


This is intended but could you please explain what you mean? Do you mean when you click a recipe it takes random stuff from your inventory or the results of crafting have a ton of different things?

Edit: Btw in case you dont know the T version is the crafting overhaul it uses propertys instead of specific items

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I didn't know that. I thought it was odd when a splint was made using a wrench, my backpack and a brown tshirt.


The new "T" build is experimental - and obviously buggy - but the whole point of this re-done crafting is to make recipes more realistic, so you can make campfire out of spare clothes when no wood is around (before it was only branch and twigs and nothing else) or use t-shirt instead of dirty rags to make a torch. And idea is to make things like burning your sleeping bag if nothing else is available actually possible.

But there is still a lot of optimizing needed before it works fine.

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I've been playing v0.969d for the past week. I've played the demo in a browser and as a downloadable flash exe. Ive encountered the following problems:

(1) The downloadable flash version consistently and predictably overheats my laptop. The browser-based demo does not. Not sure if this is an issue with game optimization, or an issue with my system - just thought I'd let you know.

To preemptively obviate as many questions as possible, let me describe to you my typical game. As I have been playing the demo exclusively, I have spent my playthroughs thus far attempting to delineate a predictable and sustainable strategy for surviving the wasteland.

SKILLS/TRAITS: My most successful build uses Melee + Strong + Tough + Athletic + Insomnia/Trapping + Myopia/Botany. Thus far I have been able to end all combat encounters with a speedy enemy death. If ambushed while sleeping, or sniped from an adjacent hexagon, I am able to gain my footing, pursue the enemy, and end his life in combat despite his surprise advantage. I am able to move about the map freely and quickly. I am able to maintain a well-fed, well-hydrated, comfortable status by scavenging for edibles and snaring squirrels, as well as crafting squirrel pelt clothing items. It is often difficult to sleep, but because I am never cold, hungry, or thirsty, I can take as much time as I need to get well-rested.

COMBAT: Using only a crowbar as a weapon (dual use in scavenging), in conjunction with the additional combat options provided by Strong (obstacle), Tough (headbutt), and Trapping (lure), I have not yet experienced death from combat wounds. My combat strategy involves maintaining zero-range on the enemy with the preferential use of skill-given combat options (obstacle/lure) until I'm given the option to either headbutt or leg-trip. In effect, all combat choices are selected with the goal of making headbutt and/or leg-trip available, as these options most often result in a fallen enemy. Once the enemy is fallen, I select kick repeatedly, always maintaining zero-range (via charge) as needed. I believe kicking a grounded enemy to be the most effective combat option at generating conditions of pulmonary hemorrhaging and severe pain, both of which are critical to causing death. If no other option is available, only then will I use melee/surge attacks. Because I only use my crowbar's melee attack option when no other attack option is available, I lengthen considerably the usable life of my crowbar.

ENCAMPMENT: I prefer to set up a base camp in a wooded hexagon. The best map location for this consists of a wooded hexagon that is less than five moves from a city hexagon AND less than five moves from a shack-in-the-woods hexagon. The shack-in-the-woods is a reliable source of scavenged backpacks, multitools, and plenty of rifle parts (and rifle-wielding enemies), while the city provides the rest. Between the two wooded hexagons, there is no shortage of water, edibles, and squirrels. Base camp contains a tarp shelter, 4x noise traps, squirrel snare, sleeping bag (any type), and a fire. This provides a safe place to restore myself to a well-rested status, to skin and cook my squirrels, and to boil my water.

STATUS: Using this strategy, I am able to survive indefinitely. I consume only cooked squirrel meat, edible mushrooms, purified water, and whatever pre-packaged foods I dig out of my enemies' pockets. I am always warm, well-rested, and healthy. Never do I see a condition of nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, or other illness. So the question stands, if all my status bars are green and full, and my conditions are all healthy, why did the following happen?

(2) One time during combat, without warrant or warning, all of my combat options and action buttons disappeared. I was not unconscious, or injured, or sick, and my enemy just stood there actionless. I was able to confirm with spacebar, but neither party did anything, and I was able to pass hundreds of turns spamming spacebar to no avail. My statuses never dropped and my conditions did not change, I was stuck in an infinite hanging loop and could not get out. I ended up having to close the game after 10 minutes.

(3) Several times while on the hexagon map screen after performing a routine action (e.g. move, hide tracks, hide, or attempting to move into an enemy's hexagon), randomly without warrant or warning (i.e. no game notifications, no illness or injury conditions), all of my action buttons disappear and the game begins to pass time continuously and rapidly on its own in the absence of user-initiated keyboard commands. It appears as if the game is automatically ending turns on it's own, without me being able to intervene or otherwise cease the endless loop. As time quickly passes, and without action buttons I am unable to do anything, hunger, thirst, and sleep deprivation begin to rapidly set in. After a few days of this I eventually succumb to dehydration or exhaustion. "You survived 16 days."

This last problem is extremely frustrating because it seems to happen whenever I get far enough into the demo, usually about two-weeks in, and the game just "decides" that I am done playing, advances time without letting me perform any actions, and kills me. Almost as if it's a pre-programmed "that's as far as you're allowed to go in the demo" loop. If anyone has encountered this same problem, I'd love to know what the hell is going on. Any info and advice is much appreciated.


Thanks for the heads-up, guys! Now that I'm back from vacation, I'll try to get to the bottom of some of these.

@naisanza - For the pills issue, do you mean that the pill stacks inside the bottle are missing the number? Or the pop-up sneak peek of the pill bottle's contents?

@shizarit - I think you've encountered legitimate bugs. There aren't any demo timers designed to limit the game. My first hunch is that maybe all three of your bugs are related, and might point to a memory leak or null pointer issue. Both of those issues tend to show up with higher probability as play sessions get longer, and have unpredictable results.

I've once encountered the empty combat options situation in my debugger, but haven't been able to consistently reproduce it enough to observe and fix it. The endless turns with no UI sounds familiar from forum reports, but I haven't run into that one personally.

I'll definitely be looking into these, but it might take time to sort out given the difficulty in reliably causing them to happen. If anyone finds ways to cause the (2) and (3) bugs that are described above, definitely let me know!

Regarding (1), the overheating, which platform are you using? The main difference that I can think of is that the downloadable versions use Flash's self-contained projector, while the browser versions use Flash plugins. The projector format is a few versions old due to Adobe recently dropping projector support, so there may be memory optimizations/fixes in the latest Flash that are unavailable in the projector format.

I'm not sure if there is anything I can do about that yet, short of porting the game to Adobe's AIR or another language. However, if I can find the cause and fix it, I will.

Thanks again for the detailed info!

Dan Fedor - Founder, Blue Bottle Games

Hiding causing a crash.

Had this happen two times in the same situation. I run from combat, move away, cover my tracks and hide and end turn. Each time two bandit/looters are looking for me, when both enter my hex during the end of turn phase game immediately crashes.

I am using the Desura downloaded version of the game. I have the hiding trait. Windows 7x64.

After a goodly amount of hours spent playing these have been my only crashs.


Interesting. I know I've tried that strategy before, but maybe there's something in the combo of creatures entering that triggers the bug. Is this a save game you have? I'd love to take a look, if so.

Even if not, I'll give this a test next week. Thanks for the heads-up!

Dan Fedor - Founder, Blue Bottle Games

Unfortunately I haven't been using the save function all that much, so it is unlikely. I played a bunch of hours yesterday with out the hiding trait, I used the same strategy and had two mobs looking in the same hex with out a crash, this makes me suspect that the hiding trait is the culprit.

there is a pricing bug with the sleeping pills
fine at the health clinic, still 120$, but when i buy it from the junk market, it is always 1.25, rather than [20xamount] + 1$ for the bottle. it is also prices it similarly when i find it scavenging. removing the pills, then putting them back in fixes this problem
but one could abuse it to buy sleeping pills cheap, then fix the price and sell back

it goes the same for the antibiotic pills

i have to break up the entire stack for them to return to their original price, otherwise i get stack of 5 antibiotics, priced at 50.25 when i take them out, then 50$ each as i break them apart. the math seems to be off, probably sue tot the fact there is more than one price being listed for the items

Re: hiding crash, I'll take a look today. Thanks!

Re: item pricing, this seems like it's related to item identification. The price for all unidentified objects is $0.25 in the current build. I have a fix for that in the next build.

Also, it sounds like I need to change the item identification to work on the whole stack, not just the visible item. Thanks for the heads-up!

Dan Fedor - Founder, Blue Bottle Games

My days never end and can't be interrupted. Just left a tile with 6 bandits/looters all around it and took the only tile that didn't have people in it and ran away. As soon as my moves where over I ended my turn and 3 days went by without me being able to interrupt them.
So I'm about to die of thirst and have severe malnutrition as a result. ...and I was doing so well.

Hey wuliman,

Sorry about the time passage bug. I few others have noted a similar problem, though I'm not sure yet what's causing it.

I did find a bug in the combat code recently which seems like it could cause problems if the player was unconscious and the AI retreats. It doesn't sound like that was the case for you, though, if you were able to move hexes before it happened.

Do you remember any other details leading up to the bug? Were the 6 bandits around you all bandits, or a mix of creature types? And were you in combat with them?

Also, do you usually use hotkeys or mouse clicks for things like ending turns, switching screens, etc?

I'll definitely try to find a fix if I can. It's just a matter of figuring out the cause so I can trap it in the debugger for a closer look.

Dan Fedor - Founder, Blue Bottle Games

It was bandits and raiders only, and I was using only mouse commands.
I defeated several groups before I left. Some started out as only one opponent and then others joined, some battles started out 1 vs a group. I killed a few but most ran away and I let them because I was weary from previous fights.

I haven't tried to load the game since. I can try to load it and see if it is still auto passing. and I can also send you the save game file. Not sure if there are any logs or a dxdiag file that I can send that would help.

Are you sure your character was conscious when it happened?

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Most definitely. I just moved as far away from the raiders/bandits as I could, then immediately pressed the 'end turn' button. I was weary from fighting, but thats about it. And when I ended the turn, time just kept going.

I will try to reload the saved game today and provide any other details.

Are you sure that under that no bleeding was part of this "weary from fighting"? Maybe you just walked away only to pass out from bloodloss on the next turn?

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To the best I can recall it never stated that I was bleeding while in combat. I try to keep a close eye on that because at least in the previous patch you could bandage up while still fighting. I believe I was just weary from the 4 back to back fights I just got out of.

A roof did collapse when I first started the game and scratched me a bit and I had minor bleeding in two spots. But I bandaged those up and that was about 2 days ago in game time.

Ok so I had my resolution at 1360x768, Fullscreen, and Stretch activated.
Time was paused when I loaded my game back.


I found another bug I think.
When crafting at a tile with a lake, you can use the lake with a large fire and a metal pan to make 1 purified water... but it destroys the lake object so you can no longer gather water from it. I even returned several turns later and it was not there.

If the auto-turn bug resolved upon a reload, that would support the case for it being caused by a bug in combat unconsciousness. The game watches for three turns in a row where the player is unconcsious in combat, and starts auto-advancing after that. If a bug caused that counter to trip prematurely, reloading the game would reset it. I'm not sure that's the cause, but it's the only auto-turn I can think of, other than pressing "Sleep" or "Rest/Heal" buttons.

Knowing that you had several battles is useful, though. Maybe I'll try a few consecutive battles to see if I can wear my fatigue down and cause anything similar in the debugger.

Re: the lake used as a crafting ingredient, I think I should have a fix for that in the next build. I might have to prevent using lakes directly as ingredients, but that beats lakes drying up wherever the player goes :)

Thanks for the detailed info!

Dan Fedor - Founder, Blue Bottle Games