[BUG] Recipes get repeated + Scrap of paper abuse

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[BUG] Recipes get repeated + Scrap of paper abuse

When learning recipes through paper scraps, they sometimes give me the same ones over and over again. Also, you can currently abuse paper scraps for seemingly infinite recipes. (I think you need a stack of 2 at least though)FIX: Make the survivor "use" paper scraps, getting rid of them after they learn a recipe.

Ketchup Packet Hoarder

I just came on the forum to post this exact thing and can confirm that if you have 2 scraps of paper in a stack you can keep clicking them into and out of your inventory and each time you learn a new recipie. I found this right at the start of a game and already I know most things.

There also seems to be a related bug: If you pick up a paper scrap, and it gets stacked with other paper scraps in your inventory, then you don#t learn the recipe.