New Crafting Functional, Starting Data Entry

I managed to get the new crafting stuff working today. After a couple hours of bug fixing, I successfully crafted a rough splint from a branch and two plastic bags. It was a limited test, since those items were the only two in the game with any properties set on them, but it proves that the crafting system can work using properties instead of specific item names.

I was also able to make the rough splint break down into it's component parts again. The same two bags and branch that made the splint came back out when un-crafting, with their original condition ratings intact. I'll have to test that some more, such as with saving and loading, and items in stacks, containers, etc. However, it was nice to be able to go full circle with the recipe.

The next step is to start applying properties to all the other items, and see how the new property-based recipes feel in practice. Since typing numbered IDs for every property of every item was a tedious undertaking (and quite a test of my memory of the IDs), I decided to whip up a quick and dirty editor:

IMAGE( Applying properties to a t-shirt. (Click image link to see actual size.)

Using this editor, I can just click checkboxes for named properties on each item, rather than having to remember the IDs and type comma-separated lists for each. There are almost 300 items in the game right now, so this should save me some time :)

I'm anxious to see how this turns out! I already noticed a few problems, such as differentiating items that are "easily ignitable" vs. simply "flammable." E.g. easily flammable objects (twigs, paper, plastic bags) make good kindling, but poor fuel for a fire. Conversely, flammable items (wood) are harder to ignite, but burn longer. Since a campfire recipe requires one of each, I needed to make those properties distinct.

I have a feeling other tricky situations like that will come up, but they'll require some testing to notice and fix.

This went quite a bit faster than I expected, so I'm waiting for the other shoe to drop :) We'll see how it goes tomorrow!


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Just want to ask if we'll see these properties somehow in future builds... Or we'll just have to figure out what to do with them by description and image still? Either way, it will be interesting to try to find holes the new system.

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Wouldn't it be an exploit if dismantling items would yield components at their original condition?

Do I understand it correctly:
I can make a splint from, for example, two bags and a stick, then as soon as splint gets low on condition, dismantle it (getting items at their original durability) and then craft it again to make a new, fresh one from same components?

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Re: visible properties, I'm not sure yet. Showing them would be convenient, but also might make the UI too complicated. However, most of the properties are pretty intuitive (e.g. a plastic bag is flammable, non-rigid, waterproof, sheet, etc.), so I'm hoping that listing the props is unnecessary.

Re: reversible exploit, that might be true. It's possible that the item degradation code could check for the individual components, and degrade those as well. On the other hand, some recipes might actually make sense degrading into the original items with no loss in quality. I can think of two contradicting examples:

  • The splint, as just two ties around a stick, would frequently unravel without damaging components.
  • A scoped rifle, though, should probably get wear and tear on the parts as well as the whole.

We'll have to see how things go in practice. If it looks like the recipes need to be wearing down components, that seems doable.

Thanks for the input!

Dan Fedor - Founder, Blue Bottle Games

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This is highly ambitious & original Dan! I don't think I have ever seen a crafting system quite like this before. Really excited to see more of this!