Thank you dev! also anybody had any luck with android?

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Thank you dev! also anybody had any luck with android?

Hi. I would like to thank the developer for making such a great game, which runs on my very restrictive work computer! Please continue to update until the sun consumes the earth!

Secondly has anybody had any joy getting this to work on android? I've tried using dolphin browser through the site to no avail but I wonder whether it would work with the swf file.

Glad to hear you're enjoying NEO Scavenger so far! I think there are several players who sneak a few minutes (or hours) of NEO Scavenger in at work, so I guess the Flash version is still pretty popular :)

As for Android, I haven't had much luck in my limited testing since Adobe cut Android support for Flash. I've heard that there are a few third-party Flash players out there, but I haven't tried them.

There are some ways to get NEO Scavenger onto Android, which I may try someday. But those are pretty big projects in themselves, so I don't want to promise anything prematurely. It'd be cool, though. I'd love to play more games like NEO Scavenger on a tablet!

Dan Fedor - Founder, Blue Bottle Games