The hardest builds

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The hardest builds

I thought it'd be a good idea to collect builds that don't really work, and with a few tweaks could be challenging rather than impossible. An entertaining favourite of mine is Melee, Strong, Tough, Athletic, High Metabolism and Tracking. Basically a nightmarish mountain of man. With no wilderness skills and a high demand for food the idea is to ransack places to make looters appear, beat them to death and steal their food. Tracking allows you, in theory, to lose an enemy and then hunt him down later when you're better prepared.Here are the problems as I see it, in order of magnitude. Any one would make the build a challenge, in combination they create a rapidly lethal cycle of violence:

  • Healing Up: I don't know if this is a bug particular to this build, but it takes a VERY long time to recover from injuries, unless you stumble across a health pack, in which case nanos seem to bug the health in a different way; you'll appear to recover quickly only to injure quicker, culmanating in dying in a single strike even at full health. This combination of traits would suggest someone who would be naturally hardy but the game doesn't reflect that. Waiting to heal without nanos is a recipe for certain death. I've seen these builds starve and thirst waiting to recover from Barely Scratched, which wouldn't be such a problem if not for...
  • Clumsy Asshole Disorder: The only perk this build has in gathering supplies is Strength, which'll frequently bring down the roof. Were it not for the first problem this'd be fair, but it's usually the first hit in a long line of injuries. It'd be nice if the Tough trait mitigated some of this damage, but it doesn't seem to. You'll also have to ransack places often because of...
  • Hungry Hungry Hobo: The High Metabolism is what kills these guys. You need food, and a lot of it, which means scavenging often. Lack of stealth means a lot of collapses, which you could survive if not for...
  • Unstealthy Asshole Disorder: Strength scavenging also wakes the neighbours. The most fun part of this build is murder based supply hunting. Possessions taken directly from the corpses of your enemies are always in top condition, the water readily bottled or purified. The encounters aren't a problem at first, but combined with CAD and The Healing Problem you'll quickly succumb to death by a thousand tiny cuts (and/or crowbar blows to the head). The problem here is enemies never carry enough food to keep the HHH from starving to death, and the first three problems remove running as an option.

Here's what makes this Build fun (MILD SPOILERS FOLLOW): Take on the Dogman encounter with Strength AND Melee. When you're done laughing at the result, take what you find to Hatter. LESS MILD SPOILERS FOLLOWMy best playthrough ended standing in Hatter's office, Mortally Wounded, half naked, Starving and dying of Thirst, Poison and Heatstroke. He gave me the wristband. I can only imagine my guy smiled back through broken teeth and no small amount of head injury. After being refused entry to the DMC a second time he sold an empty gun at the Market . It had belonged to a charming young Raider who'd appeared to help dig him out of a collapse less than a mile from the city. Already Mortally Wounded and delirious the Murder Hobo had crushed him with a single swing of his crowbar. Newly flush with cash he ate everything edible at the market, and one or two things that weren't. Exhausted, he fell asleep outside the DMC gate, and starved to death.


I really wasn't sure of the Health thing so I did a little test, this time with Myopia instead of High Metabolism. From one roof collapse Injury the guy waited three days and two nights in a forest, drank ten bottles of water and three cans of soup. Died of dehydration on the third day without healing a jot, despite one 'your wounds are mending' message on the second night. Hell of a way for a tough bastard to go.


Hi,Entertaining analysis and mini-AAR!Man Mountain croaks at the gate.Cheers,Plugger

I have to say, the trickest build I can conceive of would be: Hacking, Electrician, Mechanic and Tracking. As far as I can tell, tracking is the only generally useful skill on there, and only mildly so.Adding to that, good fail pairs of the others might be Myopia + Ranged (would also nerf Tracking a bit too), Fragile + Melee/Medic (the other two are only useful if the fragility doesn't kill you first), Feeble + Lockpicking (ditch needing a heavy crowbar for being unable to carry of the extra loot you might find).So, ultimate failboat skills: traits- Myopia, Fragile, Feeble, Metabolism; skills- Hacking, Electrician, Mechanic, Tracking, Melee, Ranged, Lockpicking, Medic. Not totally useless, just bound to fail with a turn of bad luck.

Keep in mind we're all penned into the wilderness. Wrenches, mechanical, electrical, and hacking basically have no purpose right now because we can't get into the city & interact with anything.

All of the builds you're talking about may be changed up once we get more "urban."

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