The most hype a death can be.

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The most hype a death can be.

Ok so, my very first try at the game. I run from dog men, hiding until they go away. Scavenging and getting by playing safe.any time I find a bandit, I wave my trusty ammo less rifle at them and they flee. In the case that they trip and fall, I stomp their heads until the ca.dy comes out. So I make it to the glow, and a man named batter sends me to a place called hidden lake to find an urn. It was a long trip.

This next is likely a common occurrence within this quest, but I had stumbled across it where my other two friends who play the game have not. I entered the house of seven gables... I think that was the name. Horror show, corpses everywhere, bodies hanging from nooses. An unseen forc.chasing me. I find a body, upright in a bed. A sack with eyeholes over it's head. I could not resist, I take the sack... And place it on my own head. Suddenly, where there was horror, and pain, and deranged murder, it was replaced with a sense of calm. I also had a bombass mask to boot! Showed y friends, screenshots were taken. All in all, a good time. Urn in hand and mask on head I head for the door. But... I didn't want to go out, suddenly the world outside seemed horrific. Despite the screaming in my head, I depart. I travel for some time, feeling fine, a bit hungry I suppose. And the sac on my head tightens. I thought nothing of it unt the strangler's sack tightened further... I couldn't take it off, and somewhere near a creek I was asphyxiated. Laying dead, that bombass mask over my head.

If I never play this game again, this will have been a unique, and exciting way to go out. I hope there will be more chances like this. It's ironic that when nothing else could stop me, my greed and fascination with the macabre would finish me off.