the somewhat true stories of the waste land

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the somewhat true stories of the waste land

"The water of inconvenience"

"a whole back pack of water?"
"but he's feeble..."
The raider had taken all his water,most of his food, but not the two back packs one filled with meds,the other filled with crackers, "i should find some more water tomorrow."

day 29 2:00 pm
"melonhead,camp fire,sleeping bag,back pack" i watched as the body of the raider that took my water was looted by a melonhead
"I'll wait for an hour or so before going to get that gear."

day 29 3:00 pm
"got my pack of water,now let's see..."
"ffffffffthunk!!" the melonhead woke and reached into the darkness pulling out a metal sauce pan and violently smashing into my chest,cracking a rib.I lifted my crowbar and "cathwat!" i hit as hard as i could smashing it's enormous head into a pulp.
I ran,and i ran,another after another,there numbers grew stronger,they really wanted my water,i took out my gun,"blam!...blam!...blam!," it didn't work,and slowly i died,but was it worth it?,i live next to a river.

"The weight insult"

I walked into town,shot gun in hand,back pack of goodies,and my crowbar of bashing over the shoulder,I looked into the distance thinking it would be nice to scavenge some more before setting for the DMC.
And with that word i heard a scream in the distance,some one in trouble beater help out,when i got to the source a man looked and smiled at me,"this is your last day mortal,any last words?".
"yes,you have the wrong Pearson."
"nonsense,you cant beat me!"
I stood my ground to all his minions,then with the final blow,I hit him with the crowbar,but was it the final blow?
The man stood tall and yells "never!"
I turn to see he is gone,i mutter a word "coward"

I was 3 days before i went to the market,and there he was,he turned and must have recognized me,he grabbed a gun,but he paid the price,a man grabbed him and said to me "shot him i gave him a warning about not paying."
As i blew the mans brain out i felt power but thought it nothing,the man walked closer and gave my reward, "have a chocolate bar you look like you need it."
And as i thought of those words the power came back "are you insulting my weight!?"

Before he could answer I blew his brain out to.