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how many different ways is there to get cholera? I make it down to the glow drinking nothing but boiled water and tannin tea, and I still contract it somehow and die!

Well I know in reality you can get it by eating food (Contaminated) or drinking water (Contaminated) that contains cholera bacterium but that is the two most common ways to get it. cholera is transmitted from person to person through ingestion of water contaminated with the cholera bacterium, usually from feces or other effluent.

In the game I am sure it works the same way minus the feces aspect lol. I only drink purified water as well and mostly only eat cooked or cured squirrel, sometimes edible shrooms and berries, other than the little snacks like crackers, twinkies etc.

Maybe contact with a marsh or other water source has a chance to give you cholera just by crafting with them to get water? I know antibiotics seems to help with it not 100% sure but everytime I've had it, it helped the vomiting and diarrhea along with the cholera it seemed like plus it dehydrates you faster I think (It should since it's cholera) so you have to make sure to keep drinking fluids.

Maybe if the enemy has cholera and they are bleeding and contact a water source it can spead but doubt cholera is that much in depth inside the game lol, would be neat though.

I have never once gotten chlorea and I rarely ever purify my water, I guess it's just bad luck.

Sometimes I seem to get Chloera a while after hanging around in the slums of DMC.

If you get Chloera or some other disease, taking antibiotics can usually prevent you from dying.

I know a tactic how to get rid off from it.

First, You should to make a place to heal. For example, the parking lot is good. After that, you should to stock tannin tea and purified water. If your illnes goes bad, you can use antibiotics. I get rid off from cholera in 1.5 days with this tactic.

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