No save data found?

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No save data found?

So today I got on and opened up the game and was ready to play my save in which I had been doing rather well, And I click 'Continue' And it says "No save data found"?

I had played a good two hours yesturday and had saved and quitted a few times and it had worked fine but not today...

I have no idea how this happened, Please help.


Hey mastersterlin,

Sorry to hear about the save game issues. My first hunch is that there is some cookie removal tool installed, or your browser is set to clear cookies periodically. Do you know if either of those might be the case?

That would explain how it worked for a while, but not the following day.

Alternately, if you launch the game from a different location, Flash will look in a different folder for save games. So if you played the downloadable version in one folder, saved the game, then moved the app to a different folder and launched it again, the save wouldn't be found. This is also true if the app was renamed.

The best way to debug missing save games is to check the SharedObject folder on your machine, to verify that save games are actually being created. You can view your save files using the appropriate OS/Browser info from this thread.

Assuming the save games are being created ok, the next thing to check is that they are staying put after closing the game and/or browser, depending on which version of the app you're using (downloaded vs. browser plugin). If your browser is set to delete cookies on exit, the save game bight be destroyed in this process. Or if you have any software that cleans cookies, triggering said software should reveal if it is the culprit (e.g. maybe it runs overnight?).

Let me know if any of the above helps. If not, we'll see what else we can try. And again, I apologize for the issues!

Dan Fedor - Founder, Blue Bottle Games

I had cleared my cookies today so that must've been the problem. Thanks for the help!


No problem. Glad to hear it was something simple!

Dan Fedor - Founder, Blue Bottle Games


I had a similar problem. Made it to the glow in one session, thought it was a good save point, and can back to no save found. I was playing the downloaded beta but I always delete cookies when shutting down the browser. Oops.

Guess, I'll have to figure a way around it.

Still having a lot of fun with the game though.

Thanks for the hard work.


Hey mastersterlin,

Yeah, it's unfortunate that Flash treats all cookies equally, regardless of from where they were saved. Many players have had issues with missing saves as a result. Chrome seems to be an exception, since it has it's own save location, but even Chrome users aren't always thinking "save games" when hovering over the "delete cookies" button.

Some day, I'd like to explore whether I can get NEO Scavenger to load save data from elsewhere. It might mean rewriting the format, and it might make save-scumming easier, but the benefits might be worth the drawbacks.

Anyway, glad you found this thread, and figured out the cause of your problem!

Dan Fedor - Founder, Blue Bottle Games


I just bought this game through Steam. Very nice game!
Yesterday I played the demo and liked it very much so today I bought it because of the save feature.

The trouble is I go to the "main menu", do "save/quit" and if I clic "continue" it continues but if I lose, it says "no save data found".
I never quited the game nor clean cookies nor anything. Just die and it doesn't reload... Very sad. :'(

My OS is OSX 10.8.4 and I'm using a brand new account on the computer just for Steam games.
I can't find any .sol files while doing a search...

Please help.
Thank you.

That's because this game involves perma-death - if you die, you die. The save file gets deleted. The saving option is for convenience mostly, you can end the game when you not feel like playing it any more, and come back to continue later, which is not possible in the demo version.

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I see. I thought as much but when I bumped on the demo's limit and saw one could save in the full version, I was very excited. Thanks for the info.
Nevertheless, 'no save data found' is probably not the clearest message, since I did save. It looks like a bug. :)

However, you can backup your save manually. ;-)

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Yes! I'll try that. Thank you!

i have the game on my PC. I downloaded the Zip file and extracted it into a folder on my desktop and have gotten the No save data found also. Was wondering if anyone knew any fixes or which folder my game save is in please? :)


@dotdwillhappen, did you try searching the locations mentioned in this thread?

There's a section titled "Where are the save games stored?" which should point you to the appropriate folder for your OS.

Dan Fedor - Founder, Blue Bottle Games