What do you want to see in neo scavenger

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What do you want to see in neo scavenger

I was wondering what everyone has on there mind for stuff that they want added. I personally would like to see a gun shop area in DMC or battery powered items (and batterys) added.

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Mmmm cannibalism meat to roast over open fire. :D~

A gunshop would be wonderful, but since weapons are rare in the game the merchandise would have to be expensive. I think I read somewhere about how Dan wants to make ammo a rare thing in the game, so it could end up being be very pricey and limited.

I like how bullets is a rare thing considering how much damage it does. Though the [Ranged] skill could use some more things then just a gun like throwing rocks, crossbow/bow&arror, throw dagger/axe/spear, sling shot.

Despite that, I wouldn't mind if there was a way to salvage used shells and recast them if necessary. Black powder could still be near-impossible to make, but should still be able to make from other things (broken down explosives, etc), and lead isn't hard to melt and recast, even if it means making bad bullets.

I fully support this idea, Nickboom. It makes sense that the items would be costly, as well.

Battery powered lanterns?

Personally, I would like to see some more wild game for the character to eat on (such as crows, chipmunks, or field mice). If it hasn't been suggested before.

Some content Ideas:
- Maybe a fight club in/in front of the city with stronger enemies each round.
- Luxury Items as loot. Maybe with missions like "acquire..." for rich city people
- More traps: Explosive, Rifle Trap, Animal Trap (for human enemies as well) with the poor victim hanging head down from a tree:), sharpend branches trap. Maybe with the opportunity to prepare the battlefield (own encampment) with traps.
- camouflage oneself or the camp with crafted camo net
- go fishing
- Possibility to hide Items, to create depots. With new item : Shovel
- Own Map Markers e.g. for depots or camps
- Friendly scavengers/looters to trade or to fight together against a dogman/rifle bandit
- Contaminated "no go" areas, really expensive medicine and/or equipment needed to enter (another lab?!)
- Permanent injuries, only to heal with skill or hospital
- New "vehicle": donkey/horse/cow
- Trainer for crafting recipes or as a reward

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collect food/water/clothes mission for hungry children mob and use them as scouts/thieves/fight support in return

I wanna be able to dual-wield meat cleavers and go apeshit on dogmen :D .. More damage, less accuracy, would also be awesome if pistols made it into the game, with the dual-wield addition. ;)

more vehicles:
pick up truck/car/SUV,

maybe some traveling caravans


Just a little idea,
Clean Rag + 1 Alcohol + 1 String & Twine = Make shift bandage.

Lowers the pain from applied wound and lowers chances for getting an infection from the wound,
But slows down the healing rate of the wound a tiny bit,

Once used and removed you will get a Dirty Rag and 50% chance of getting your String & Twine back.

The old survivalists trick of adding a tiny drop of alcohol to a bandage to help ease the pain and lower your odds of getting an infection was one of the first things i tried in NEO.S once i got hurt and had some Alcohol, needless to say i was a little disappointed that its not possible.

Dirty or clean rags can be put on wounds clean of course have a much lower chance of infection, also you can use alcohol to one clean a dirty rag instantly or put directly on the wound to clean it, though I believe it will cause some pain.

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I'd like to see another toggle/hotkey for deleting items.

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You know what would be great? Autosave after each x number of turns, that way in case we're on a roll and the game decides to poop the bed and crash we're not suddenly beating our heads on the counter. This just happened to me. I felt like no one could hurt me... as long as I didn't get put on the ground, and then suddenly the program closed on me... I hadn't saved at all and ended up with nothing to be able to play.


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Hey all just wanted to say im back from my trip so if any spam got through sorry about that :P.

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I've been away for a while, did Dan ever comment on the possibility of a gun store in the DMC?

- Transport vehicles (motorcycles, cars, bicycles, trucks)
- Building a fixed permanent stronghold or shelter
- Refining raw materials (boards, bricks, sticks, rope)
- Enemy/ Neutral/ Friendly survivors
- Interation and Trading with others survivors and Quests
- Climatic Seasons
- A better ranged weapons and meele combat system
- More Bushcraft and survival Techniques(like make fire without lighter)

P.S.: I think the game would be more fluid if the gameplay was similar to the game "Project Zomboid".(but I know it would be difficult to completely change the game)


- Watches (can break when arm is hit in combat) or craftable sundials (preferably a portable fred flintstone-like design)
- Real food that visibly fills the hunger bar, wild boars for example. They could be encountered as fightable creatures when scavenging in forests.
- Independence from other humans: Ability to make fire without a lighter, crafting recipes for all types of textiles, medicinal plants, keeping blade tools alive with sharpening stones etc.

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I do believe I have already made a topic on friendly survivors, but I would love to see friendly (or unfriendly) survivors in DMC buildings. Perhaps they could trade, give rumours or just tell you a few facts/hints. But I must say, a gunshop would be great. Ammo being so rare as it is, I could understand the price being quite high. But to counter this, you could probably make cheap, low-damage ammunition. I'm not really an expert in guns so I don't know if it would work. Anyway, as for weapons in the shop, maybe zip-guns (cheap 1 use weapon, low quality) could be implemented.


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