Content Work, and Ripten Review/Interview

I finished quite a bit of encounter work today. Last week, I had most of the new encounter's illustration done, as well as a rough draft of the encounter mapped out in the editor.

Today, I was able to hook up all the treasure stats, conditions, branching item requirements, and logic to control the flow of the new encounter. And the illustration got another detail pass, mostly adding some softening details, garbage, and graffiti.

I decided to make the new encounter able to be revisited, so it becomes more of a landmark instead of a one-shot. There are also three encounters roughly near the cryo chamber that are getting some touch-up. Previously, only one of the three would be active in any game, with all its respective branches open.

Instead, I'm going to try making all three available in all games, but only one will have it's "special" branches open. Plus, instead of disappearing after being visited, they'll remain on the map for future visits.

I think a lot of folks don't even know about these encounters. Plus, since they could only be visited once, it was like whole landmarks/communities were disappearing after the player left. I want to see if this makes things feel a bit more realistic and lively.

RipTen Interview

Erandi Huipe interviewed me a little while ago, and is now starting to publish the result as a series on RipTen. The first installment is already online, and consists of an introduction to NEO Scavenger.

He'll be posting the first part of the interview tomorrow. And from what I remember about the length of my responses, there's a good chance it'll spill over into additional parts :)

Have a good night, all!


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Great news in this update, thanks.

Glad to hear at least one new encounter will be something we can revisit. That gives the world a dynamic and realistic grounding. Will an icon appear on the map marking encounters we can revisit? If not, being able to manually place markers would be a very good alternative. Can't wait to get into this plot stuff!

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So far, it'll just be a text label on the map, similar to the cryo facility, or Hatter. Allowing the player to manually place icons is a neat idea, though I'm not sure if I'll have time to set that up. A few folks have asked for that, though, with respect to campsites and other areas of interest.

Can't wait to share the plot stuff! :)

Dan Fedor - Founder, Blue Bottle Games