Day of Artwork

I resumed work on the encounter illustration today. Upon loading up the psd in the morning, it actually still looked pretty good, so I decided to push it further. I got started with shading some of the major features, adding texture and detail, and generally making the image look less sterile.

By lunchtime, it actually started looking pretty good! I was starting to run out of inspiration on it, though, so I decided to put it on the back burner for a while, and start work on some other tasks. I'll come back to it later, and see if a fresh perspective helps.

In the meantime, I started working on two new items for the encounter. Here's a sneak peek at one of them:

IMAGE( Ok. What is this for?

I won't provide any explanation for that. I'm sure your imagination will produce much more entertaining explanations :)

The other item is a little less exciting to look at, but is somewhat related to plot. It's a hook that'll probably get resolved the next time I'm doing a plot batch.

I think that wraps up this week. Just a heads-up, I'm taking Monday off, so I won't be back here until Tuesday. I'll still be checking email and this site, in case any major issues come up.

Hope everyone has a good weekend, and see you Tuesday!


drakcothedark's picture

(Staring at clown face)...Oh it's okay, I wasn't planning on sleeping anyway! Looks really great though. Excited to see your other illustrations!

Kuranes's picture

Clearly it is a disguise. Or maybe a "relic" of great importance to a cult of crazy McDoughal worshippers! Or the face of some pre-apocalypse burger-serving robot.

Teikai's picture

It is a Member of the Ronald Mcdonald Gang !!!