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I had a full day of plot writing today. (Yay!) I spent about half an hour going over what I had written Friday, and getting reacquainted with the issues I was wrestling. And fortunately, a spark of inspiration helped me come up with a satisfying solution.

As mentioned Friday, I had a few scenes I was really happy with, but the overall context was starting to fall apart. It was making less and less sense the more I analyzed it. Nonsense has its place, of course, especially in fiction. But if there's one thing I should be avoiding, it's character actions that do not make sense with their motives.

So I took a step back. And while looking over my plans for Michigan, I realized there was another faction that would actually make more sense in this context. If I used that faction instead, I could move the original faction to another location where it not only makes sense, but they can act in a way that more befits their goals.

And I get to keep the scenes I liked. (Which, incidentally, needed some editing anyway.)

So I did some transplanting, then did some more research on this new faction, and got started. I was able to even borrow some of the structure from my original draft, so I got quite a bit further: roughly 1100 words added to the encounter today. And most of it is final text, too.

It's getting to a point now where the branching encounter is difficult to follow in document form, and I'll probably need to transfer it to the encounter editor, to visualize branching options better. I usually use regular documents to quickly draft ideas until they get to this point, when graphical branching becomes more useful than clunky to work with.

So, progress!

NEO Scavenger Let's Play

I also received word that Fire Water Gasoline just uploaded a Review/Let's Play of NEO Scavenger to his YouTube channel. It's always interesting to see someone else try to use a UI I developed. There are definitely still some rough edges to file down. However, the review was positive, overall, and well-done!

That's all I have to report for today. A good, solid writing day, and I look forward to continuing that momentum tomorrow. Hope everyone has a good night!


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Great news! More plot and encounters is very welcome. Thanks, Dan!