Dafuq is up with that shadow monster thing

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Dafuq is up with that shadow monster thing

So I was just minding my own business, then something just pops up in front of me. It was some sort of shadow thing, I instantly knew I had no chance fighting it so I tried running away, then the bastard used some sort of grasp attack and killed me instantly. DAFUQ!

Did you steal the silver urn to get the guest pass into the city? I'm pretty sure the guy you are describing is the same fellow who paid the Hatter guy to hire you to collect the urn, and tries to kill you in the shack the urn is in.

He's talking about merga wrath or what ever that giant black monster is.

The monster is randomly stumbled upon and can't be killed, you gotta run away! He'll keep following you on the world map though...

As for the urn monster i don't know what that's about or how to get out of the house alive


That's def. the Merga Wraith. The only time that I've encountered that creature was after

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I gave my one amulet to the guy in the Mine for a loaded rifle.

I think amulets keep it at bay.

same here. I accidentally took it off while trying to make a noise trap. it tried using my amulet as the string. I put it back in my bag but did not put it back on and all of a sudden im being attacked by this new creature.

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What in the hell? I didn't even have the amulet thing. I didn't do the quest I used it's a trap! When talking to the hatter. Ran. Hid my tracks. At night. Slept. Woke up when he came back and did some more running and then died. What the hell? How do you get the amulet thing? Jesus. Just killed me after my guy had got to the mega city and I was out looking for stuff to sell in the junk market for new eye parts. Jesus.


If you used the talisman as a string, simply disassemble what you used it in and you will get it back (it does not degrade on it's own, so it will be where you left it). Then just put the amulet back on and monster will become afraid of you.

Also, during Allegan Fairgrounds encounter, it is possible to find another talisman, of Indian origins, that says it is similar to the one you had first - so my guess is it also works similar as well, scaring the monster away. That is not confirmed however - just a thought for someone to check out.

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