Website Issues

Hey Folks,

I apologize for the website issues lately. It seems the website's been a bit wonky since my ISP restarted the server Saturday. I took the site offline for a few hours this evening to try some fixes, but I don't think it's fixed yet.

Basically, I sometimes get a blank/white page when loading pages on the site. If anyone else is seeing a blank/white screen when trying to view a webpage here, would you mind posting the following info in the website tech support forum please?

  • Current browser version
  • Current OS
  • The action you were attempting that resulted in a white screen. (e.g. replying to forum comment, viewing page X, commenting on news item, etc.)

If you're unable to post for some reason, you can also message me, or use the email address on the contact page.

For the most part, refreshing/reloading the blank page seems to work. So I'm thinking it's a caching issue. But flushing/deleting caches hasn't stopped the problem.

Again, I apologize for the site issues, and hopefully I can resolve them soon!