Plot Writing

I had to re-upload the downloadable 0.966b beta this morning, due to a bug in yesterday's version that caused black screens on load. So if anyone ran into that issue, I apologize. The new downloads should be working ok, and Desura has similar updates awaiting approval. Sorry about that!

After that crisis was resolved, it was time to dive into plot writing again. As usual, I'll probably be working on a few new encounters before switching back to a new feature (crafting being the next likely candidate). I'm not sure how long it will take, but based on previous work, it'll probably be on the order of a few weeks or a month. It mostly depends on how complex the encounters are, how much art I need to create, and how long it takes to write the actual text. There's also some research and planning to do.

Today's work was pretty successful. I hammered out about 1400 words of encounter structure (roughly 3 pages, single-spaced). It's enough to broadly outline an encounter (or two), and get into detail on some parts that required more research. I think I still have at least as much writing left to do before the overall structure and options are done, and then I'll have to start fleshing it out with final text.

As with most writing, though, it'll probably be good for me to sleep on it, and see what I think tomorrow. It's possible that today's ramblings are tomorrow's trash, so we'll see :)

Hope everyone has a good night!


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Thanks, Dan. I'm excited to hear new plot material is on the way. "Break a leg," as they say.

Good luck!

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Like usually, I stress importance of developing plots - take your time, I'd rather wait a bit longer to get a few plots with multitude of choices (especially those not restricted to 'good, bad, neutral', ways of solving issues and developments rather than lots of tiny stuff player will rush through (though some small surprises here and there at random can also improve the overall experience). I am sure though, that with your plots structure developed as it is, we can expect some great stuff already.