dixie_flatline's concise new-player beta feedback (version .965b full)

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dixie_flatline's concise new-player beta feedback (version .965b full)

Going to try to keep this short!

Overall impressions:

Great game. Love it. Seriously. I see it as a great neo-retro old school designed 2D survival game with some Day-Z in there priced well at $10-$15.


1) The flexibility of the character creation system
2) The crafting system is very complex and well put together
3) Nice and difficult (I find most modern games way too easy)
4) I'm a big fan of the combat. It's almost in a weird in a way, but killing some is such a more brutal experience just by reading the great (semi-randomized) text descriptions than it is graphically killing someone in like, Dishonored for instance.

Could use improvements:

1) The UI could use another make-over. IMHO there are too many buttons. These could be better organized and condensed. If you are reading Dan I recommend getting a gamer buddy who has never played your game and being there while he plays it for the first hour or so. And don't help him at all. Just get his feedback. I think there is just a better way to organize the UI that you could find with another revision or more polish.
2) You are probably working on this, but length: a longer main plot would be good. I played the demo once, got about half-way to the Glow. Bought beta. First game on that got to the cabin, died there. On my third game looks like I'll finish the plot. I'd recommend increasing the dimensions of the map, and placing the Glow in the NE corner not the SE corner. And perhaps randomizing the area in which the cyro facility and the cabin (urn place).

Minor game balance changes / possible tweaks:

---actually you know, I should probably put more time in the game. Nothing totally stands out for me to say here.

-- okay 1) A small 'health bar' on each item, on the right hand border of the icon for the item. A simple %100 green bar down to 1% red bar to show an item's condition. This would take out the tedium of having to go through your inventory and ground items all the time to see which has the highest condition. Instead you could just see it a glance and swap things much quicker.
2) greater penalities for using items in combat, or conversely a chance that some uncommon 'medical' trait enemies are able to take pain killers.

Be awesome to have but would take a lot more work:

1) A nemesis. A antagonist. Like for instance: plot let's you know that there is a bad-ass tracker hunter killer dude after you right at the start of the game. He's out to kill you. He has a personality. He'll track you down. You got to get to town (or finish the plot) before he gets to you, or failing that, be sufficently powerful for when he does eventually get to you, you'll be able to get him. This one add a lot to the tense atmosphere of the game. Randomize his position at the start of the game a set number of hexes (i.e he's 50 hexes away from one random direction from the start). Make the dude super-strong.
2) More stuff. I'm sure you are busy :)

General suggestions on your game:

1) I think it would really pay you back $$$ to spend more of your time-budget on geting word of this game 'out there'. Getting some press. I pride myself on knowing tons of indie games but only luckily stumbled across this one. Gaming press would be great, but even if you just posted on some forums where people who like your game may be. Maybe this will just come with time though, and if you get it on the big distribution systems like Steam.

To sum up:

Keep up the good work. For myself I'm so much more excited to play this game than some unoriginal mainstream game, like Crysis 3 for instance. I'm sure this game will be a big success if you keep plugging away at it.

For plot just keep in mind that you arrived after the big DMC update that allowed people to enter the city, because the votes dont reset functionally the votes are now picking more items, otherwise welcome to the forums and hope you enjoy the game.

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Well written feedback, welcome to the forum.

I agree with more plot and more advertising, but I suspect both are on the way. Further comments below.

(A nemesis) The plot seems to have one, but in addition to that it would be neat to be "hunted" more by human enemies.

(A small 'health bar' on each item) I prefer the current system with durability percentage. The problem is that millions of tiny health bars would look terrible and be confusing. It's not a bad idea in theory, but there are two many items in the game for that to look appealing.

(User-interface stuff) I disagree that there are two many buttons. The question is whether it's intuitive or not, which I think it is, but I'm all for streamlining the user-interface. The end-user should be able to quickly figure out how the display works, so sitting down a friend to play for the first time is not a bad idea.

A small 'health bar' on each item, on the right hand border of the icon for the item. A simple %100 green bar down to 1% red bar to show an item's condition. This would take out the tedium of having to go through your inventory and ground items all the time to see which has the highest condition. Instead you could just see it a glance and swap things much quicker.

I actually quite like this idea. It would actually help quite a bit if I can tell from a glance if it's worth taking my pants off to exchange for the one on the dead bandit.

Provided the 'bar' is done in a way that is not intrusive.

You have no idea how many times I've been treking across the wastelands when all of a sudden my backpack explodes like an iSlab and shoes filled pineatta leaving me holding some dirty rags in my hand >.< , all because I forgot to check it's durability % when I went to pick it up. =P

Maybe there could be a keyboard button you could press to quickly turn on and off a color guide for items- ie bad condition items would have like a red transparent overlay, and good items a green one. You wouldn't want to have it on all the time, or it would make the sprites look strange.

why not have a sort option on the ground stuff so that it sorts by durability or it does it automatically. You'd still have to check you characters durabilty on items but at least it would put all high durabilty stuff at the top of the ground items box and the crap stuff at the bottom.

I like having to search through the junk to find the good stuff. I think if all the best stuff is moved to the top it would ruin an important part of the game for me.

Yeah, I agree with minorthreat777.

For me loot screen always invokes a picture of this blanket or tarp sheet on which people lay down their merchandise at the flea markets. It works the same way, you have to spend a while to look through what's on it to find a good deal among the junk. It is, kind of, part of the fun.

That being said, some streamlining might take place as so many people asks for it. So maybe a little color-coding inside the item description box is all that is necessary. Like that for example:


This way player still needs to look through his inventory and loot, but is able to recognize item's (estimated) condition much faster.
For this, proposed code can be:
100-75.01% - green
75 - 15.01% - orange
15 - 0.01% - red

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Hi Kaaven,

I agree the loot is a good draw card, but having to sort through 8 shoes trying to remember how much durabilty each shoe I'm already wearing is, can be a bit tiring. I really like you suggestion though, as this will still allow the first excitement when you get the loot, but speed up the sorting time.