Any way to get into the glow without the hatter's help? *spoilers*

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Any way to get into the glow without the hatter's help? *spoilers*

Just discovered this game a few days ago and am loving it !

*spoiler warning * !

So I have a really bad ass new character now. But I may have really messed up. I went the glow, met the hatter, chose the quest to get the pass to enter the city. After that I went to the market to the lower left of the town. Going back up I ran into the Hatter. I didn't do the quest yet, so he said 'you have one more chance'etc. Here it was 3 am so I saved my game.

Load up game. And I did the same thing :( thought I'd hit the market up. Forgot that the hex on the way back is were hatter is. Now I can't do that quest.

Am I screwed? Any other way into the city?

My dude is just wandering the badlands killing dudes by the dozen right now. Suck a bit if I had to restart, as I have pretty amazing equipment and have put a decent amount of hours in.

thanks !

You can buy a pass key from the Junk Market for $3000. How you get that $3000 is up to you.

My suggestion. Scoped Rifles with slings, backpacks full of iSlabs, Shoes and pills.

Oh really eh! Okay thanks will do. 3000$ is a lot but glad there is a way. Fortunately also just figured out you can carry additional backpacks in your hands so that'll help carry stuff.

Ok thanks back to it then :)

another option would be to start over and get the trapping trait


get the strong and melee trait and kill the dog men in your first encounter with it to get a tape.