Female gender choice for main character?

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Female gender choice for main character?

Is gender of main character somehow crucial to plot?
If no, then gender choice when creating character would be awesome
Thoughts, comments?

Children's backpack full of bullets? I see nothing wrong in that.

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I actually asked Dan this question the other day via pm. What he said was pretty much just a matter of finding time to do it. Obviously other things like adding plot and things come first.

So should there be any differences between genders?
On one hand we are different, on another our differences vary so much it is a bit complicated to implement right.

Children's backpack full of bullets? I see nothing wrong in that.

Superficially, Dan would need to change the body template and the first name (ex: Philip Kindred becomes Petra Kindred) on the computer and wrist strap. But then what about encounters where there are different options if you are a man or woman? That get's complicated. This is an idea I support, but not if Dan doesn't have time to do it.

A funny thing about genetics is that all people start from the same genetic template which is female. About half the time, certain genes interact to change the female template into a male. That's why men have nipples, for example. So in a certain way, we are all female (at least we all start out that way).

Or change character name to Alex/Sam Kindred (for example), so that there is same name for both genders

Biology isn't that straight cut
While we originally are females, we aren't feministic females, but rather androgenic females
So yeah, our development cycle is a bit messed up :)

Children's backpack full of bullets? I see nothing wrong in that.

The character of Philip Kindred is important to the story, and as Dan has mentioned, Philip will also be the focus of the sequel. I think he would like to keep the name, for the male character at least. Either way, Dan would have to make in-game changes for the version where the player is a female (might as well make that character Philip's sibling). Androgynous names would be kind of an odd way to approach the problem.

About the biology thing, I just think it's kind of mind blowing that all human beings start from a female template. If a woman's egg were to divide spontaneously the result would be a female clone of the mother. I'm not a doctor or a geneticist, but in a male dominated society it's funny to imagine that we were all female by default. And then there's the fact that we're genetically related to plants and insects.

Science is full of mind-bending facts.

I believe the specifics of what he said was allowing you to name your character and making the character template a more gender neutral paper doll as well as going through the plot lines so far and altering them so that they never mention your gender at all.

Honestly I'd prefer him to make a template for male and female. But obviously like he said, other things should have priority.

DEFINITELY want this. Probably my number one "feature request"!

I can see it being a bit of a pain (though I would be fine with keeping the male paper doll/sprites for as long as needed), but I'd think it would be better to implement this now rather than later, so that it could be a variable in encounters being designed, rather than doing it later and then having to go back and check every previous encounter for male pronouns and such!

Way too many games just assume the player is male, IMO, when there's really no need for them to be so. Right now, the only reason the character is male is because we see "his" name on the computer console and gets called "Dude" a few times. Nothing else requires him to be male, nor should it. Indeed, I'd love to see a few encounters play out differently for male or female characters in the distant future.

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It would be different in a bad way since in a realistic apocalyptic scenario, women would probably be treated differently. At least when I'm unconscious as a guy, the only thing my enemies take is my stuff. :|

In all seriousness though, it wouldn't be a huge deal if the only difference between males and females in this game are sprite changes and saying she in place of he. Fallout games showed more equality towards women than what our society does, Neoscavenger could do it too.

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Are you sure these bandits don't do anything with your body when you're unconscious? ;-)

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The problem with adding character customization to a game like this is that it draws you away from the plot and distracts you from the atmosphere. Look at some of the really atmospheric games out there like S.T.A.L.K.E.R. and Metro 2033. Also bringing up the topic of gender is only going to stir up controversy that will delay more appropriate additions like plot and gameplay mechanics. What you got to ask yourself is if there is a difference between the character being a man or woman from a gameplay standard? Should a woman be weaker? Should they be more susceptible to cold conditions? If not then that means there is no difference and it shouldn't matter anyways whether or not you can choose to play as one. The main character should be just a second skin to you, since you make choices in the game that would reflect how you would respond to it in real life (presumably).

I could understand where you are coming from if the game was constantly throwing the fact that your character is male in your face like by having prostitutes offering service to you or something like that, but as of right now the dialogue and plot is fairly gender neutral. If you are a girl, and you are having difficulty relating to the main character because of his gender which is only really mentioned at the beginning then you might be focusing on the wrong things to properly enjoy the game. The protagonist is a faceless, expressionless cookie cutter figure that you enter the shoes of and play however you want. Is he black? Is he skinny? Fat? Is he short or tall? none of this matters because you are playing as you.

It took me about 20 minutes revising this just to dodge a mental minefield as to not offend anyone, if that goes to show you how damaging introducing a feature like this could be to the community.