Where Did You Learn About Neo Scavenger?

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Where Did You Learn About Neo Scavenger?

Hey guys, not too sure where to put this topic...

But anyway let's get this started. Where did you learn about Neo Scavenger?
Personally I was looking around youtube for Indie post-apocalyptic games and this popped up. I played the demo for a while and thought - where's the donate button?!?!? - anyway, I then proceeded to buy it a few days later.

So, tell us all your story of how you found it!


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Similar story here. I was searching Google for "post-apocalyptic game" and this is one of the few that poped-up.

It is shame btw how few post-apocalypse-themed games there really are around.

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Seen it on 4chan last year, bought it a few days later.

You too?

I saw it mentioned in a guest post at the Rampant Games blog as having a pretty well done "run away!" mechanic. See here:

Guest Post: “Run Away!” by Lars Doucet

I learned about it from the Steam Greenlight.

Steam green-light for me proving you can find gems in muck.

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Same here and I'm hoping it becomes available for Steam users.

Stumbled across it on Desura.

found a review of it on firewatergasoline's cahnnel on youtube, played the DEMO and now buying BETA this weekend

I bought a game bundle some time ago, and it included NEO Scavenger. Ended up purchasing a copy directly from this site later on though.

Rock, Paper, Shotgun article last year, a very nice article...

Been looking foward for this kind of game for ages!

Google searches for survival games->blogpost about survival games->bluebottlegames.com->bought the game.

Yeah same. I had a deep desire to play a good RPG survival, and this one really caught my eye, nice, old-school. It never gets old, and I find myself often playing for hours :D.

A friend told me about this game on a social networking site

I was looking for survival horror games in the post apocalyptic setting then came across the trailer. I love roguelike games and so forth so I gave the demo a go for a couple days then decided I wanted more then bought it which was yesterday lol.

searched for post-apocalyptic games on Google,also found it on Desura then bought it a week later when i had the money


Desura, GDR section.

I searched for roguelikes on Desura.

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Someone name dropped it when I was looking in an article for some other game I wanted to check out on rockpapershotgun. Wish I remember which game it was, most people were just admitting that this was a better option to try out if you wanted the real survivalist experience.

Someone mentioned Neo Scavenger during a "Survivor Highlight" over on The Dead Linger's blog page.

As I was combing through steam green light, I found the trailer for neo scavenger, liked what I saw, played the demo, and eventually ended up buying the full game.

I found it on Greenlight two days ago.


I saw it on a YouTube Let's Play and I thought it looked interesting so I checked out the demo then bought the full game.

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I had a dream one night where the world had devolved into a bleak and barren Hobbesian "state of nature," where a person has to do anything he thinks necessary to preserve his own life. In this dream, life was "solitary, poor, nasty, brutish, and short." I spent my time scavenging equipment and tools, stockpiling supplies, constructing shelter, finding or hunting food, beating would-be raiders into a bloody pulp and looting their corpses and encampments, and generally doing everything in my power to avoid injury and infection. When I woke from this dream, I thought to myself, "They should really make a survival simulation." Then I googled it. Then I played NEO Scavenger. Wow. Extremely addictive. And the fact that you can die so easily, that you may not wake up the next morning because you froze to death in your sleep or a pair of raiders bludgeoned you to death with rifle butts while you slumbered in your lean-to... just incredibly brutal and lovely.

My saddest moment in this game, and the moment I fell in love with it, was that first encounter with an unarmed raider. Armed with a cleaver and warm clothing, I hacked him to pieces only to find the poor, wretched bastard had been wandering the wastelands donning nothing more than a tattered left boot and an old empty plastic bag. I had murdered a man for the garbage he carried with him. This was like a scene right out of The Road. Heart-wrenchingly beautiful.

Found it on Desura

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