Postcard Pics and Progress on Save Game Feature

Hey All! Been a pretty productive day today. More time spent coding than emailing/posting, so I have some news on Save Game progress. But first, postcards!

Forgive the cruddy snapshot, we're seeing the world through a scuffed smartphone hardcase. As you can see, the postcard features a well-known location in the NEO Scavenger universe: the Detroit Mega City skyline, as seen from the west. And careful viewers will note there is a number in the corner. There are 200 postcards in this first print run, and each is uniquely numbered. So not only will your postcard be signed and smooched, it'll be a unique print!

Future postcard runs will feature other scenery, yet to be determined!

Progress on Save Game Feature

The swell of voter support for save games has not gone unnoticed! I managed to get a good chunk of it working today, and I feel I should be able to get a working version uploaded for the beta on Monday. It seems to be saving all character info correctly, though there are a few problems with the immediate hexes, and I haven't yet tested creatures.

Just a heads-up, this draft of the save feature will require Flash to store data locally. So savegames won't be "in the cloud" if you save on one machine and try to load on the other. It's less versatile, but it means I can get it working sooner. Once the feature is up and running on the website beta build, you guys can try it out for a few days, and let me know how it's working.

Also, the way save games work is still up for discussion. For now, this should give folks the ability to save their progress if they want to close their browser and return later (e.g. boss/toddler/pet is coming to destroy the keyboard).

No Weekend Activity

Those of you who started playing last week already know this, but for new players, I just wanted to give a heads-up. I try to keep fairly regular work hours, so I'm usually not doing NEO Scavenger/Blue Bottle Games work during evenings and weekends. That means I may not be very active on the forums or email over the weekend.

However, if there is an issue (especially a big one, like account issues or billing issues), feel free to email me (address is on the Contact page), and I'll try to at least keep an eye out for such things.

Just wanted to let you guys know why I get suddenly quiet! Have a great weekend, and see you Monday!


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