Still Fixing, Possible Memory Issue

Hope everyone had a good weekend!

I decided to hold off on uploading a new build today, as I think there is still an issue causing problems lately. Namely, folks have been seeing items behaving weirdly, often drawing on one inventory screen even though they're dropped on another screen.

Curiously, most of these bugs are reported by players using 1360x768, and that makes me suspicious that it could be a memory limit issue. That resolution does a lot of on-the-fly image resizing, and the result is a huge memory footprint compared to vanilla 800x450 (and the other zoom levels of 800x450).

Memory limit issues are almost like null pointer bugs, in that their behavior is often pretty weird and hard to track down. Usually, crashes will happen in random sections of code once the memory limit is blown, so anything can happen.

So I've decided to look into a different way of handling the image scaling for 1360x768, so the game doesn't have to resize everything in memory. Basically, I'm going to try creating zoomed copies of all the images in advance, and just bundle those in with the build. It'll increase the download size by a few MB (so far as much as 12MB more). However, it may also reduce memory usage by as much as 1GB in that mode.

Even if this isn't the direct cause of the floating item bug, this will definitely help users on systems with less RAM (1GB+ is way too much for what this game actually needs). So hopefully I can get it to work.

Of course, if anyone knows of a reliable way to make items start floating or get stuck, feel free to post about it in the forums. I can use your reproduction steps to verify if this image scaling change fixes the issue or not.

Have a good night, all!


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Thanks to the change. 12 more megabytes to load/download is a very fair price for such optimization.

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Thanks, Dan. I think I have 100% reproducible steps for that floating bug.

Edit: posted in Technical Support.