Hunger Games

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Hunger Games

The Scavenger glimpsed to the east, at the shimmering lights of the megalopolis. It had been days since last he ate and felt dizzy already. Should he chance it - make a bee line towards the city, in hopes of a magnificent feast there, or should he hunt for squirrels in the nearby forests instead?
No, he could not afford the risk. He opted to hunt the elusive rodents in the nearby woods. Day after day he hunted, but the game was few and far between, and could hardly satiate his hunger. As the hero was verging on insanity, a shimmering of hope came in the form of an abandoned building. The scavenger burst into the building with no precautions taken - his logic was greatly impaired by the great hunger, and searched high and low for anything edible. I've hit the mother-load, screamed our hero half mad, when at last, he happened upon a stock of crackers and ketchup. He ate greedily, cracker after cracker, dipping into the sugary tomato sauce. And then he slept. He slept like an angel...And never woke up.

Days later a fellow scavenger found his body while scavenging. As he was relieving the body of the squirrel tunic, his expert eyes gazed upon some old wounds. The poor bugger had lost too much blood, he mumbled, he never stood a chance...