Why did I die?!

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Why did I die?!

What da hell?! "Player has suffered organ failure due to heat stroke." Ok, there can be many reasons why I had a heat stroke, possibly a disease. The problem is I was in "Perfect health" as said (major spoilers)

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in the clinic in DMC. It may be because I had eye surgery recently, but then why did the diagnostics in the clinic say I'm perfectly healthy?

A bug or did I miss something?

Under the right conditions heat stroke can be a threat, even to a healthy person.

Was your outdoor temperature at maximum?

What were you wearing?

Hopefully it isn't a proof that dreadful heat stroke bug is still lurking around, unsolved.

I was wearing 3 t-shirts, jeans, hoodie, shoes and one squirrel pelt glove. Still in my previous playthrough I had even more clothes (another pelt glove and pelt tunic) and nothing like this happened.

I don't remember exactly what temperature it was but I think the bar was about in the middle. It was in the night though so I don't suspect ordinary overheating. I tried to run away to the forest to cooldown but it didn't help...

This does seem like it could be the infamous heat stroke bug. I'm starting to think I need to sit down and playtest for a few hours until I can repro the bug. It's been lingering for months, and the best lead we have so far is "it happens sometimes after a while."

I guess I need to play for "a while" and see! :)

Dan Fedor - Founder, Blue Bottle Games

Well, it happened again but taking off some clothes helped. Now I wander in a bare tshirt. It seems Michigan got hotter recently. ;)

Is this the same game, or different? If you happen to have a save you can upload someplace, I wouldn't mind taking a look!

Dan Fedor - Founder, Blue Bottle Games

http://www.filedropper.com/nssgv1 Here's my actual savegame, unfortunately this is another game obviously as I died the first time. Still the "error" appeared again and this time I saved myself from dying by taking off some clothes which you can see there.

Awesome. That did the trick. Found the heat stroke bug!

I wasn't able to make anything happen at first, but after a few days of scavenging, fighting, and returning home, I ran into a night when my temp started to rise. And when I peeked at the character stats, there were some very wrong numbers in there.

As it turns out, the bug is related to loading a game, and campsites. Basically, when a game is loaded, the campsite's effects are applied to the character (which is normal). But during the load process, the game loses track of the fact that it already applied those effects. As a result, those effects don't get removed when the player leaves the camp. And worse, they get re-applied every time the player returns to that one camp.

And the thing is, each camp has different stats, so each iteration of the bug looks a little different. Some camps, like old buildings, provide shelter. That shelter affects how much rain chills the character. However, with this bug, that effect goes way off the scale over time, causing the player to actually heat up from the rain, and not just avoid getting chilled.

Other camps, like open fields, have a moderate sleeping penalty. It takes them longer to add-up, but the result is a sleeping penalty worse than insomnia.

And players who have reported accelerated healing rates? It's from the piling-up of campsites that provide a small boost to healing rates while resting.

So basically, I just need to fix the way the game loads to stop the "acid rain"/"insomnia" creep.

Thanks for the save game, Stelcio! I think we've finally nailed the infamous "heat stroke" bug!

Dan Fedor - Founder, Blue Bottle Games

Epic news! =D

Haha, no problemo! Being front page news is enough of reward. :) Not mentioning the bug got fixed.

PS Actually you were really extremely lucky to get this savegame, because the next time I ran the game I died. ;)

PS2 I just got an idea for you, Dan. You could make the game to not delete the savegame after death but only make it unplayable anymore and overwritten only when the new game is started. This way you could maybe get more proper feedback with these "dead" savegames.