New Beta and Demo Builds: Downloadable Yukon, Emptying Containers, and Crafting Fixes

I've just finished uploading beta version 0.964b and demo version 0.964d, which enables the Jar of Screaming Eyes in downloaded versions, adds the ability to empty out containers via the context menu, and includes quite a few fixes to crafting and other bugs.

Beta and Demo Updates

Both the beta and demo include the following changes:

  • Added ability to empty out object onto ground via context menu.
  • Added code to prevent crafting when there's no room for the output in ground/camp.
  • Added code to prevent crafting ingredients being dropped inside other crafting ingredients.
  • Added code to make spy button toggle cursor back to normal again.
  • Added code to prevent accidentally moving while clicking with spy cursor activated.
  • Added code to clear context menu when switching item screens.
  • Added code to adjust creature equipment when resolution zoom changes.
  • Changed item sorting button to use improved packing algorithm.
  • Changed crafting and encounter items so they doncan't be filled with items from other screens.
  • Removed crafting button from encounter and battle screens.
  • Fixed a null pointer bug when crafting an item using a stack of ingredients that came from a recent crafting yield.
  • Fixed a bug that caused some stacked items in crafting yield to be unplaceable in ingredients area.
  • Fixed a bug that caused items to be deleted when dragged into crafting screen and back again.
  • Fixed a bug that allowed water purification pills to be consumed.
  • Fixed a bug that prevented water purification pills from being held in hands.
  • Fixed a bug that prevented items from being used on wounds.
  • Fixed a bug that caused all scavenge locations to be deleted after first one used.
  • Fixed bug that caused all creatures to leave same tile scent as player.

As you can see, there are quite a few crafting fixes in there. Crafting was behaving pretty poorly if the yield included any stacked items, and would cause unpredictable game behavior after that. There were also some UI bugs involved with spying, scavenge locations disappearing, and various other issues addressed in this build.

The context menu option to empty container is also included, as mentioned yesterday. Containers can now be emptied onto the ground with just two mouse clicks.

The sorting button on containers should now use a better packing algorithm, similar to what you've been seeing lately in the crafting screen. Also, the crafting screen now warns the user when the yield won't fit on the ground nor camp.

Finally, there were some fixes to creatures, including item zooms being wrong, and incorrect scent values being used. The scent bug may mean tracks now behave more realistically, since they were bugged to always be the same as the player's value before.

Yukon Beta Updates

Customers who purchased the Yukon edition can now finally use the Jar of Screaming Eyes in their downloaded versions! Yay! Sorry for the long delay in getting this fixed. Let me know if you have any troubles getting it to work.

And that about covers it! Players should notice a marked stability increase, especially when crafting in this new build. With any luck, this should hammer out most of the major issues we know about. But if anything else comes up, definitely let me know in the forums!


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So far, so good. Thanks!