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Blue Rot! D=

So I was blissfully pushing my shopping cart around the wastelands with my cleaver resting on my shoulder whistling when all of a sudden the whistling turned to projectile vomiting.

Panicking I use my supernatural 'MediSense' to inform myself I've contracted something called 'Blue Rot 2'. Despite having diagnosed my predicament, I still had no clue what a Blue Rot was. So I pulled an iSlab from the piles of them in my trolley.

Pneumonia... Black Death, I'm told.

'Oh god, I'm going to die!' I scream to the Squirrels I wear on my hands as I proceed to up end my Medical Kit and promptly scoff down all the anti-biotics I could find, washing it down with whiskey and cola. Despite my prompt action, my 'MediSense' told me that I was still in quite a fair bit of pain and that my immune system remained shot, I decided to turn my shopping cart and run for the glow as fast as scavengerly possible in the hopes that more advanced technology could save me.

As I raced back east my mind also ran through all the events that could have let up to this. Where did I contract this Blue Rot from? As I finally approach the outskirts of the glow, it stops on something that happened while out on a run a few days ago.

-I won't go into more details. No Spoilers!-

Promptly upending the entire contents of my cart into the Junk Market, I took my newly filled purse in hand and went to stand in line at the gate. Probably spreading the plaque to several people nearby. Really, a Megacity should have better protection against viral threats then this.

Ducking into the medical center, I immediately demanded a Nano-robotic injection followed by eating another entire bottle of anti-biotics. Sighing in relief I ate a leisurely meal at a local restaurant while watching some city workers scrape someone off the sidewalk.

Deciding to sleep the after effects of the ordeal. I went to Hatters and crashed under the tarp shelter in the snug sleeping bag.

Waking up in the middle of the night due to difficulty breathing. I was told that I had Blue Rot 3. At this point, despite all modern medical tech could do, I figured I was done for.

Thus followed a week of eating, drinking and sleeping as I waited to die. Except... A week later. I'm still waiting.

-Does Blue Rot 3 ever go away? My immune system is back up to max (unaided). In fact all 3 bars are at max. It's been that way for nearly a week, yet Blue Rot 3 is still here.-

Wait over. I died naked from heat exhaustion.

Blue Rot! /fist shake!

-I still would like to know if Blue Rot is survivable however?-

Ah the good old days when dancing naked in the rain actually heated you up. XD Sorry thats what you said reminded me of but I have never had blue rot (then again I rarely got sick) so I wouldnt know, but antibiotics dont actually do anything after the fact only if taken before you think your going to get sick and geting sick usually makes you be specific about you temperature

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I just stumbled across this now. I don't remember anyone mentioning Blue Rot yet, so I wanted to see how it turned out in "the wild."

Did the Blue Rot 3 condition get stuck, even after a week? Or did it disappear, and you're just wondering if it'll reappear in a new phase? I double-checked the code, just to be sure:

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Blue Rot 3 has a 72 hour duration, after which there is a small chance of the disease passing quietly. Failing that chance results in death. So if you still have Blue Rot 3 listed after a week, then maybe something is bugged.

Glad to see it instilled an appropriate amount of fear!

PS: And dying of inexplicable heat exhaustion is bad news. That's a mystery bug I'm still trying to track down! (shakes fist)

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I actually died from 'Blue Rot 3'. I just thought I died from heat exhaustion because right before it happened, the bar pretty much maxed out within a period of 2 days, despite the fact that I was full monty.

Also, thinking back on it. It probably wasn't a week. That was probably hyperbole. You know the saying time flies when you are having fun? Well... Time seems to pass agonizingly (heh) slowly when you have Blue Rot apparently.

-Mild Spoiler

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I least next time I know to bash her across the head with a rock! Or just run away as fast as possible. Teaches me for being kind in the wastelands!

Out of curiosity though, was there anything that I could've done to help 'beat' Blue Rot 3? I seem to recall I died injury free, hopped up on anti-biotics and nano-robots. Or was it kind of just rolling the dice?

Well, if your game over said "Died of Blue Rot" then it worked as designed. If it said "Died of Blue Rot 3" then there may be a bug.

Most diseases have a chain of stages, and frequently these stages have gradually lower chances of progressing. In some cases, the final stage is death. I'm not sure if this is a great way to do things, since I'm not sure if the symptoms are what kill victims, or if the disease causes something fatal itself.

For example, cholera has a mortality rate under 1% if treated effectively, but 50-60% without treatment. In this case, I'd expect the final, fatal stage to be unrealistic, since treatment (essentially, rehydration therapy) is so effective. I should probably just ramp-up the symptoms (water loss, etc.), and let the player's hydration decide fatality.

Pneumonic plague, on the other hand, is 100% fatal if untreated. And treating early with antibiotics is the only way to reduce the chance of death. This is the part that has me wondering. If treatment only reduces the chance of death, then what's the mechanism that causes death? Is it septic shock? Respiratory failure?

In cases like that latter, it seems the disease causes a symptom (a "condition" in NEO Scavenger terms) that is itself fatal, rather than a condition that merely makes fatality likely (e.g. rapid water loss).

For now, I've just made some of the more dangerous diseases have a percentage chance of fatality, regardless of whether the player treats symptoms. Many diseases can be removed via treatments like the nanorobotic medical kit (which includes a kind of self-tailoring antibody to help the body neutralize the disease), but symptoms (like diarrhea and nausea) will remain.

But I may still make adjustments in the future, if I see a better way to model them all coherently.

The heat exhaustion still has me wondering, though. There are no symptoms in late stage Blue Rot that directly affect temperature, so this sounds suspiciously like our infamous acid rain/heat exhaustion bug. The one exception is when one's immune system is running ragged, which causes fever chills. I wonder if lowered immune system is the culprit? I seem to remember most folks saying they're healthy when the heat exhaustion bug occurs. But I'll have to look into that.

Anyway, fun with pathology!

Dan Fedor - Founder, Blue Bottle Games

Well, Blue Rot got me really confused. I came across an infected person but still thought I was safe. It's only later, when I accidentally ate a poison berry (after wondering what the "use" option on backpack is for) and started running for the city that I noticed it. At first I thought I was vomiting because of the poison... but then I saw "Blue Rot 2" in my conditions. Which is something else that really confused me since I don't have the medic skill and wasn't diagnosed. How is that possible?

Spoiler: Highlight to view
Seems you can still contract the desease from smacking her on the back of the head...

Right after that, I used up a nanorobot medical kit, then another one when I got to DMC. Then after waiting for effects to wear off and realizing I still had Blue Rot 2 I bought myself some antibiotics and ate 3. Then finally contracted Blue Rot 3 several resting turns later.

I don't understand... how was Blue Rot diagnosed by itself in the first place? How come 2 nanorobots couldn't get rid of it? I was in perfect shape besides a slight headache... I'm slightly disappointed, it seems like I was doomed the moment I ran across that random encounter.

EDIT: Bought 1 last nanorobot kit then started fast forwarding to my death by resting/sleeping outside town. On the 3rd morning I woke up and realized I no longer had Blue Rot. Is this because I wasted so many nanorobots or because I was simply lucky enough to get the small chance of survival?

Once you hit Blue Rot 3, the only chance you have of survival is shrugging it off. That's the ONLY way to live stage 3.

Blue rot 1 is ONLY detectable by the Full diagnostic check in the DMC. What you did in the Second stage was good, yet not good enough it seems. As the first 2 stages are the only points were Antibiotics, and Nanobot treatments will help.

It's also diagnosed by itself at the second stage, you'll know when you have it. Medics have a bit of a fore warning, as before the diagnosis pops up, (Maybe about roughly 4-7 turns before hand), the immune system will drop, and they'll start vomiting, so they'll see that they're sick.(I check my inventory every turn, out of habit, and noticed my immune system tank, before i had any sort of condition)

There's also a chance that while you were in blue rot one, and early blue rot 2, you got poisoned by the berries, which took up all those nanobot treatments, but don't quote me on that.

I know my character had heat exhaustion just from wearing too much.

2 tee-shirts, hoodie, Dogman coat, cargo pants, boots, gloves. just started to over heat, but since then, i've been limiting what I wear, just to protect against that and never encountered it again.

I've started playing since the 0.993b update, and despite having played through without any encounters other than at DMC, I catch the Blue Rot every single time. Kinda put a damper on playing, when I know that my character is going to die of the plague after a week or two, regardless of what I do.
Is this a new bug, that everyone starts out exposed to the Blue Rot? I'd never even heard of the old lady encounter until I started trying to research a solution to this problem, so I'm pretty sure it's not that.

Since the newest test version, some NPCs can be carriers of certain diseases (Blue Rot and Smallpox) and can infect player if he gets close enough to them.

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