Can't Scavenge (Desura)

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Can't Scavenge (Desura)

I bought the game yesterday and haven't got to play it yet because scavenging is broken. Any time I try to scavenge I just get an empty grey screen with a "confirm" button, and nothing happens. No loss of movement points, no scavenging.

This is most likely due to your version being an older one, did you check and see if there is any updates? If not then Dan should check it out.

Official Trained Dogman

Hey Splattercat,

This is a bug in version 0.962 that should be fixed in 0.963. Unfortunately, the Desura version is still awaiting approval. However, you can access the latest version on this site. If you bought NEO Scavenger on Desura, you can connect your Desura account to this site to unlock access to the beta here. This link describes the Desura connect process.

The demo version, of course, is free to all, so no need to "connect" for that.

Sorry about the confusion! I thought the build would get approved before the weekend, but it seems it'll have to wait until Monday.

Let me know if you have any trouble getting access here in the meantime!

Dan Fedor - Founder, Blue Bottle Games

Thanks for the quick responses and solutions! I've really wanted to show the game off in my channel and I'm excited that I can do so now! I love games like this :D

omg it's Splattercat! Who's Youtube videos taught me how to play Towns!

Oh Hai Kevlar! I'm glad the vids were helpful!

RIP splattercat the I. Death by Poisoning. When I saw you scarfing down those berries during episode two, I was like /facepalm. 'I guess this playthrough is only going to be 3 episodes long.' =P

But really unless you have botany, you should really avoid berries and mushrooms all together as there is no reliable way to tell if they are poisonous unless you do have botany.

As for the High Metabolism perk. It may not seem like it, but that is by far the hardest malus to take. Taking it without Botany and/or trapping pretty much traps (heh) you to live within one or two days walk from the DMC. (unless you leave with a shopping cart full of food)

Yea for a first look it kinda served its function. However I did die pretty hard. It's a tough game XD