An honest question without sarcasm or spite.<MEGASPOILERS>

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An honest question without sarcasm or spite.<MEGASPOILERS>

So I bought this tonight, played for about 5 hours. My 6th character made it to the glow, used my Trapper ability on Hatter, sold my junk in the market, got into DMC and... is that it? I see that I can upgrade my eyes at the clinic and get food at the diner, but are there any additional places of interest or plot points in the beta yet? I'm not complaining, just asking. I like the game a lot but if that's all there is I'll just put it on the backburner for a couple months (or a year, take your time).

Anyway that 6th character accidentally bought a meal he couldnt pay for (hadn't found the market yet, was hoping I could barter medicine for food) and had to run away from the diner. I went back the next day with two grand on me, thinking I'd get another meal and maybe I'd be forced to pay for the previous one. Got chased into street, tried twice more... I'm guessing you know how this ends. An inglorious end to a potentially great hero (even if all he did was club barefoot savages to death with a crowbar and pick locks in abandoned houses to steal gummi bears).

Hello! The game is still under development, both story- and mechanics-wise, so the game's "main" storyline ends in DMC right now. But you can count on Dan that you won't have to wait a year for new content to show up :D

Also, there are a lot of random, "side" encounters, most of which won't happen in one, single gameplay. To find them all, couple of games and some map exploring is required, they also end differently depending on your choices (and skills/equipment available) and as in your "diner experience", some can end suddenly and brutal

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like being eaten by robotic sabre-tooth tiger :D


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Looking around the forums, Dan seems to be pretty responsive to suggestions and pretty active here, so I doubt you'll be waiting long. This isn't your typical RPG, it's extremely survival based. I'd try getting set up in a location that you can use as a home base (for me it's typically the cryo facility) and stockpile enough to be able to be relatively self sustaining.

There are a couple of different synergistic skills that you can utilize to survive longer. Check out this thread for different user-created builds and see what works for you. =)

As stated, there are a ton of different events that you could come across that are very rare. Seek them out. Create personal goals for yourself (like getting a squirrel suit set if you're a trapper), survive x amount of days, kill x amount of dogmen, stock up your arsenal with 100x rounds and leave a bloody trail all the way to DMC.

The game's still in closed beta, so jot down any ideas/improvements/bugs you have/come across and post them here. It might make it into the next patch. =)