Lighter Fluid removal :(

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Lighter Fluid removal :(

Am I the only one *really* disappointed by this sudden change?

I was so hoping to see 'Lighter Fluid' get more use in future crafting, relishing the idea of scrounging up small amounts to fill my bottles to start fires when there's no kindling, create crude firebombs, or even fuel a hobo-style tin can stove.

I don't see why we needed to lose it as a resource, to be honest. There are other things as fiddly (boiling water in bottles!) and realistically emptying a dozen disposable lighters *would* be a bit of a pain.

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Yep, I was hoping for an expansion of liquids in general. Oil and gasoline could still play a role in the game. Being able to consolidate lighter fluid was a great way to save space in the inventory and I don't look forward to holding on to every single lighter I find. Plus, as you said, it had great crafting potential.