Item disappears from ground after crafting, yet remains in crafting menu.

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Item disappears from ground after crafting, yet remains in crafting menu.

Hey Dan, I think something is broken again. Take a look at this savegame:
I've just crafted a scoped rifle and it disappeared from the items menu, yet is still somehow available for crafting. It is seen in the crafting menu, but is not on the ground (when you press 'Q' to see items in sector).
I haven't tampered with the savegame in any way nor did I use any cheats. There is another (non-scoped) rifle on the ground, but it's not a duplicate or anything - just another rifle I managed to find in this hex.

Try looking in Camp menu mate, sometimes items too big to fit back into items on the ground go there instead.

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My first guess is that it's on the camp screen, as Kaaven suggests. The game tries to fit the crafted item on the ground first, and if it fails, tries the camp second. And since the scoped rifle is taller than the normal one, it won't fit into the same space as the normal rifle.

If that's not the case, let me know!

Dan Fedor - Founder, Blue Bottle Games

Yes, it's in the camp, thanks for the heads-up. But that's also quite counter-intuitive, especially now that ground has virtually unlimited space to fit stuff into. :)

It doesn't (yet). Actually, the crafting screen has the extra space. I added pages to crafting because it needed to fit everything from the ground, camp, player, and vehicle.

Though, you're right that I should probably do the same thing for the ground at some point. I know more than a few people have maxed out the ground space in longer games. And since it seems to be working ok on crafting, maybe it won't be too hard to add to the ground?

Dan Fedor - Founder, Blue Bottle Games

Yes, it's the crafting screen which has multiple tabs, my mistake.
I'm also pretty sure that while my rifle was being placed into the camp, the ammo that was in it disappeared.

Crafting a rifle with ammo in it cause the ammo to leave the gun and go on the ground or on your person

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Oooh this totally F**KED Me since I added a strap to my .308 rifle -_-


I don't think it was the case in this particular scenario. I definitely couldn't find any ammo in the crafting screen, which should contain all items in the sector.
It could also disappear when I saved and loaded my game, since I wasn't looking for ammo back then, rather being bothered with my rifle being gone! :)

It's possible I broke the ammo-in-gun situation with the new crafting screen. I used to have some messy code setup to handle lots of special cases like that, but when I rewrote the crafting screen, I might've missed that case. I'll take a look!

Dan Fedor - Founder, Blue Bottle Games