Any plans on a Wiki/Guide? +Objectives Suggestion

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Any plans on a Wiki/Guide? +Objectives Suggestion

Okay, so I've been playing the Demo of NEOScavenger for weeks (yes, you heard me, the demo. For weeks, and ranting about it to friends during. I think it's that awesome) because I haven't had the funds to purchase closed beta access until tonight. What I'd like to suggest is a community-run wiki for players that has official attachment (I'd set one up myself, however lack of funds is also an issue here). Mediawiki is pretty powerful in its own right and relatively easy to get started. I think it would help get new players settled as there really are no instructions on what does what right now for the most part. Like the tablets. I still have no idea what those are for other than as something to sell.

Just a thought!

Also concerning the demo, it wouldn't be a terrible thing to expand it a little bit to give the player an objective or two prior to discovering that there's a city off in the distance and then running into a barrier that signals the end of the demo. I've seen more success in indie games and games in general that offer a bit more than just a taste of what the game's about.

Granted, I know that the game is nowhere near completion, and the fact that I stuck around and played the Demo for weeks signifies that there's enough content for someone like me to do just that. I ended up going back and completing personal goals, such as stockpiling goods in the abandoned cryo facility to be a base of operations, and trapping squirrels until I had enough pelts to suit up in fur. I was also surprised as hell to discover that there are shopping carts.

Last thing, I promise. I played the most recent build and discovered the loss of obvious action types (i.e. move, take, consume, destroy) and was curious as to how they were re-implemented.

Anyway, thanks for reading, and great job! I'd love to see where this game goes!

I think written Guides and Play Through videos are always helpful.

Someone started a Wiki, but I'm not sure if it's unofficial or created by Blue Bottle.

Thanks for the link! I feel like a total jackass now, lol.

It's good that you started a thread about it, I'm sure the Wiki needs content. Plus, the game could use more "strategy guides" in general for new players. It's good to get conversations about that going. For example, trapper is an unbelievably useful skill and probably one of the best for new players.

NeoScavenger Wiki is a fan's work started by DongoDM (here Anyone can join and help with it and the editing is not too hard. It was pretty stale since no new content was showing up that needed adding but right now some things are changing so if not interested in editing, please at least report if some info there is wrong or missing (wiki should not mislead people).

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Im an active player my self but ive never been one for the wiki editing its just always confused me (dont know why lol) but if you would like me to write an editable guide on there I can try.

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If you like, go and check what is missing on the wiki (there are some Hints and Tips there). If you think you have something better, write it and either put it there yourself (you have to create account to edit wiki) or send it to me and I'll put it there. I have account already, but am not the original author and made some minor edits until now.

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Thanks for the offer, but I suppose since there's an existing wiki and guide already there's little need now, but it does look like the wiki could use some more contribution. =)

If you ever want to improve your wiki editing skills, I suggest looking up the format for that wiki type specifically. They're all different for the most part, but also have many similarities.

This page is specific to Wikia formatting, however at a glance, it looks pretty standard for all wiki formatting.

With most wiki types you can use CSS and HTML in conjunction with the standard wiki markup. This is MediaWiki's markup page.

If you get interested in wiki management/contributions, or just web design in general, I suggest downloading and using either XAMPP or WAMP, which are local web servers that will allow you to have your own personal playground for web design and development. You could even host your own website yourself that anyone in the world could connect to provided that you forward port 80, the default for apache, or whichever port you designate it to.

Kinda went off there, lol. I'm a total geek for sandboxes like web servers and virtual machines, and especially computers inside of games that are fully programmable. I actually started playing NEOScavenger inside of a virtual machine running Ubuntu.