Suggestion on new camp/ non-camp items

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Suggestion on new camp/ non-camp items

Why there no broken down cars (whit a broken frame) , if there were, you could have used a mechanical skill to get intact parts as spare or selling item. Meybe even find a car whit non broken frame whit a type electrical/ petrol/ disel/ hydragen/ biodisel/ steam powerd and whit styles like an off-road car or some thing, using spare parts to fix it (finaly a use for a monkey wrench and mechanical & electrical skill).

Why there are no plant seeds in game? Having pemenit home and food is good. Having a cabbage farm or potato farm. As have them seed packeges say "these seed are colened and modyfide so they grow 14 days."

Why not we cant we find planks or rip them off wood houses. Maybe craft rain collector well whit tarp insulation or a barackade/fences (wooden wall) or a shack to potect you from wolves, foxes, bob cats, rams, bears, moses, alpha male deers, human baby size rats, bees etc. So you can have a negative traits like alergic to bees or to fur.

Why not have special rare books on motors, mashrooms etc. in game that may cost more. Have a new skill traveling salesman an a
new negative trait illiteret.

Hey guy1toBdude,

(Edit: I moved this comment into the NEO Scavenger->Suggestions forum, which is where I look when I'm researching ideas for the game.)

Thanks for the suggestions! Many of these make a lot of sense, and I think you're not alone in wanting to see new things in NEO Scavenger. In fact, more than a few players have also asked for vehicle repair, farming, fortification, and other activities.

Some of the features you mention are actually up for voting, and just need more support to make them a priority.

Others, like farming and fortification, are logical, but somewhat external to the scope I had in mind for the game. I'll probably focus more on nomadic elements in this version (encouraging temporary camps rather than settlement), but there may still be room for items like rain catchers.

And there should definitely be more room to use skills like mechanic and electrician. I've seen some good suggestions on the forums for those, including vehicle repair.

Thanks again for the suggestions!

Dan Fedor - Founder, Blue Bottle Games

An idea for a empty can and alcohol or lighter fuel.