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Hi everyone!
I was just over on another forum and saw an IRC tab and thought, that would be great on the website. If website management was a bit inconvenient for Dan whilst Neo Scavenger was in development, someone in the forums here might be able to set up a little IRC channel on some sort of IRC hosting website. What do you all think?


С волка́ми жить, по-во́лчьи выть.

I think that's a great idea! Anyone know how to set one up? =P

Here we go. DEFINITELY not official though:

sounds like good idea...
just need some people who will be on it

by the time you realize this says nothing it's too late to stop reading

I am not sure such thing is needed much - as it's a single player game, most of whatever happens will involve only player playing and on the occasion someone will want to share something, we already have proper discussion and stories forum subcategories. I suspect that having IRC channel will just lead to the same thing most of the games get - a room where bunch of people show up to be just creepy idlers most of the time, with occasional chat largely unconnected to the game.

On the other hand, if you really want such thing and will have fun playing with it, why not? It's not like it will be mandatory. Though I'd rather settle for unofficial IRC channel, like the one Mcfroogle linked, so maintaining order there, taking responsibility for whatever happens and letting it affect image of the game as seen by random visitors and other parties won't be a forced upon Dcfedor (and yes, there were situations already when a game took reputation hit just because some folks were rowdy or disappointed that developers don't care about official channel).

Yeah some good points there. I'm hoping any discussion will revolve mainly around the game due to the regular updates it receives (unlike communities of 'stale' games). but of course it won't be to strict, people can talk about near enough anything they want.