what to get the scavanger that has everything?

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what to get the scavanger that has everything?

so there i was wandering the waste. having the skills: lockpicking, medic, hiding, trapping, athletic, and eagle eye, of course taking the neg metabolism and insomniac. i had ventured to get the difficult tunic and gloves. boom got that. then to get the augments. $$$$. filling a medkit with tons of scavenged pills. got the night eye and tela eyes. rifle to boot w/ ammo and scope. now im having the problem of what to get next. shopping carts cool, but cumbersome. i would like some suggestions on what to seek out. one of the downsides is that after you get the augment for the eye it takes the eagle eye slot. now i have an empty slot... it would be nice if i could get something to fill it or ditch a neg trait.

Well for one thing, you should start all over, because you didnt get myopia, which is fixed if you get eye surgery.


Also, I think this belongs in the general thread.

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