If bought on desura?

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If bought on desura?

I bought the NEO Scavenger on desura and I want to will this site track my progress in the future?
Cause I have different username on desura than on this site.

Hey could please be a little more clear on what you are asking.

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As in if BBG makes a leader board on survival rate in game and on the site.

Right now, there is no Leaderboard feature at all.

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But if they add a leaderboard feature they can track the difficulty settings on the game. As in count the death times, death ratio, kills, kill ratio, how long lived and cause of death, how long it took to kill an enemy (and whit what weapon), fovorite battele tactic.

Hey guy1toBdude,

Sorry for the delayed response. I just noticed this thread today.

Regarding the leaderboards/obituaries feature, it'll depend on whether I can make the game connect to the web reliably or not, and what type of user info I can access. If I can get it to work, the game should be able to contact the leaderboards regardless of where it's being played. So it shouldn't matter whether the game was from Desura or BlueBottleGames.com.

However, I'm not sure how users will be identified. The game has no knowledge of your username, and I'm not sure if Desura would allow querying of such personal data.

I guess one alternative might be to submit your name when the game ends, like the old coin-ops.

Either way, I haven't looked into it much yet, since it's much lower on the feature voting page than some others.

Unfortunately, it appears I don't have a good answer for you. But I usually try to give all users equal treatment, regardless of where they bought the game. So if there's a way to make them have the same experience and shared data, I'll do it!

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A leaderboard will alowe people to see and expect problems as in deaths in different forms in this game. So they be ready and know that this a survival game than a apocolyps walk in a park shotter, cuz thats what I first expected from this game... totaly.
And it will make them want to be as good in this game, than top 47 players on the leaderboard.