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So it would be awesome to see people make mods for Neo Scavenger(fairly easy).


Dan needs to finish the game first :D

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still,just want to see people be really active in the game if not already(by the way it is possible right now just need to put in notepad/writing folder)


Well look at minecraft it had mods before beta!

well mine craft had a customizable file that could be directly accessed by the use,in order to mod neo scavenger you have to go right into the main file.
like your point though.


So is it possible to mod Neo Scavenger?

Not very likely, as it is a flash game. IF Dan finds some spare time (which he currently don't have) he might think of a trick or two, but don't get your hopes to high on that.

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Aww... one of the main issues with flash games. I love modding, though. If modding is ever added I would add so much content. :3

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It really doesn't have to be terribly difficult to add a modding API to Flash. It would obviously take some work on the game internals to set it all up, but using something like Lua-Alchemy would probably work for presenting hooks to external scripts thus allowing players to possibly add items, NPCs or maybe even story content? :)

It'd be nice eventually but the game is too early in development for that. But if we are to do it now modders have to have ALOT of free time and know how to mod an exe file.

Not really, since the part of the .exe that you can actually change directly is pure XML. As long as you don't change the length of the file, you can at least tweak the stats on items and alter loot tables. And since it's XML, there's actually a lot of whitespace(indentations and such) to work with. If you do repurpose that whitespace though, it's best to use a hex editor so you can see exactly what you're changing.

Of course, if you do have the time and the will, you could always extract the .swf (which you can then just play in your browser) from the .exe and decompile the .swf. So far, I've managed to:

* Change player base statistics like healing rate, attack damage modifier, defense, visibility, vision range, etc.

* Start with 16 human trait slots, as well as the night vision and telescopic skills

* Change the base number of moves per turn

* Change the unarmed attack to the Merga Wraith grasp

* Start with the laser rifle

* Enable all 3 plot encounters in one game(Stoat, White Lady, etc.)

* Infinite durability(incidentally gives infinite food/water/pills)

* Infinite ammo/charges

Actually distributing mods like this would be pretty difficult though (since there's only one file, and that's the full game). All of these things are basically hard coded into the game and you need to be able to figure out actionscript bytecode. The decompiler I used (JPEXS FFDEC) can decompile into actionscript, but not perfectly. Some functions won't decompile, and you can't automatically recompile them; you have to edit the ABC code directly (seeing the actionscript helps a lot though). Still, it's better than stumbling around the .exe file. It might be possible to create an xdelta patch or something, but I'm not certain it would be possible to enable or disable particular changes. It would also require some technical know-how from the user since they would also have to extract the .swf.

Ideally, it'd be nice to see at least the XML stuff moved out of the .exe. I don't know how feasible that would be though with flash. Maybe the game could create a copy of the XML which you could then edit, and which, if the file existed, would take priority over the defaults built into the game.

TBH, I don't want Dan to work on getting modding into the game that hard. I would prefer this game to be well done and fleshed out, and modding support/other bells and whistles to be added into any future iterations of Neo Scavenger (I.E. Neo Scavenger 2).

Yes, I understand that is a long time in the future and not even being thought about yet.
No, I don't care, I can wait for it. I DO have this game to play after all.

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I was able to edit the NeoScavenger file fairly easily. First of all I found NeoScavenger in my steam folder once in 7zip.I then simply right clicked it and selected edit. This brings up NeoScavenger in notepad (This can take some time). At this point you will be confronted with a wall of meaningless nonsense but don't worry. If you scroll down it seems to make some more sense. From here you can edit some of NeoScavenger. I am yet to fully mess around with this but near the top I found weapon values and was able to give punch a massive range and ridiculous amount of damage.

Glad to of been of help Hoozar441

As a huge fan of modding, I've mentioned this a few times over the past year or so. I understand the difficulties implementing this (especially given the game is Flash-based, probably the biggest stumbling block to its development, IMO) but it's definitely the kind of game that needs modding to survive long term.

Look at the Elder Scrolls or Bethesda Fallout games, or even old beloved FPS like Doom or Half-Life... all those games survived *many* years past their initial release purely on the back of being so easily moddable. Another example is Project Zomboid, which pretty much only exists in its current form because of dedicated modders adding to the game (heck, half the current dev team started out as fan modders!). The recent Shadowrun Returns devs actually asked players before release "do you want a big official campaign, or modding tools?", to which the answer was a resound "mod tools!". By comparison, the otherwise-awesome new X-Com reboot pretty much killed a huge chunk of its community by its owners actively working against modders. :(

I'm biased, because most games I come bck to again and again are those which I can personally tweak and mod (for me, that's half the fun). But in terms of NeoScavenger's future, while modding would be somewhat HELPFUL to development now (the more folks making mods, the more new things that can be brought into the official game if Dan approves... again, see Zomboid!), I think it's essential for the long-term survival of a game like this. Seriously, if NeoScavenger is eventually even somewhat moddable (new items, new enemies, new recipes are really the main things needed), I can bet people will still be playing it ten or twenty years later!

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