Getting crippled?

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Getting crippled?

Thankfully, this hasn't happened to me in a playthrough, but can the player have one of their limbs crippled?

Most certainly we can. If facing a bandit, raider or looter with a wrench or crowbar one can indeed get a crippled limb, which needs a rough splint to make it heal properly. :)

Though it does happen a lot less often than one would suspect it would...

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Yeah, one is more prone to die of acute bleeding in the lungs, than crippling an arm or a leg. :P

My character had his arm broken yesterday and i had to make a splint to heal it. I was expecting it to remain crippled for a week or two but it only lasted for maybe a day and then left a bruise.

This seems far too short a time of recovery (maybe this was due to me having the medic skill) and although it is can really mess up your plans (or at least delay them) i think maybe 5-7 days of recovery sounds more plausible considering that IRL it would be weeks or months before it would heal properly.

Speaking from personal experience, your bones will knit together in 3-6 days, but they will be very weak for about a month, and slightly weaker than they should be for a few years after the injury. If the injury involved nerve damage, or the surgery to correct the break caused nerve damage, than it will take you about six weeks in order to be able to use your limb. I wore a cast for about 3 weeks, a splint for 6 weeks, and avoided sports & lifting for a further two months.

Hey guys! Yeah, crippling can happen to arms and legs. The amount of healing time will actually depend on how badly the bone is broken. For example, if it was just barely damaged enough to be broken, the crippled condition will disappear sooner than if it was way past broken.

Plus, the healing rate will change according to conditions like rest, hunger, splinting, blood supply/infection, medic skill, and of course, more injury.

At least, that's how it's designed. If the crippled wounds are always healing too fast, it could be a bug!

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